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Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

There are some platforms which offer “a fishing tackle” to their customers. For example, Photoshop. But lately the platforms, which can offer “a fish”, have become popular. Now we are going to discuss one of them.

What problem arises for many enterpreneurs when they create fan pages and start to promote their business on Facebook?


“What to publish and where get the content?” Did you have such problems?

Recently I have got to know about the PromoRepublic platform, which has such functionality as:

  • offers ready templates (picture+text) for your industry(ies), both thematic and commercial ones;
  • offers publications which are popular now in your field;
  • has a collection of picture templates;
  • offers a graphical editor;
  • makes autoposting;
  • shows a content calendar which contains your posts and some variants of other post publications;
  • shows statistics of your publications;
  • gives clues on promotion (for example, when you have not published anything for a long time).

So, the platform consists of the following tools set:graphical editor, calendar for the planning of publications, catalogue of templates for all occasions (new arrivals, discounts, quizs or even Hemingway’s quotes) and the system of articles research for sharing.

Only imagine:

You’ve opened a page with the interior settings theme. You’ve published a portfolio, started an advertising campaign, but you don’t know what to do further.

PromoRepublic can help you in this case.

Let’s see how it works.

Знімок екрана 2015-10-14 о 14.39.29

First you should log in with Facebook. In the appeared window you can choose a page and one or several industries, according to your needs.

For what do you need this?

The platform will pick the appropriate publications basing on the industry you’ve chosen.

Знімок екрана 2015-10-14 о 14.23.23

Then you’ll browse to the back office where (if necessary) you can add some Facebook and Twitter pages. (When I had a conversation with the platform owner, he said that Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin would be added soon).

image14In order to delete a page, you should click on the “Dash” icon righward.


Press the “Choose” green button for the search of publications.

Знімок екрана 2015-10-14 о 14.16.36

Here you can also find a guide with video lessons which will help you to get things straight.

(In my opinion, very useful and thoughtful on the part of the PromoRepublic creators).

After video lessons you can see the most interesting option – “Post ideas”.

Знімок екрана 2015-10-14 о 14.30.26

Press it.

You’ll see the ready templates divided into categories and subcategories:


  • trends;
  • holidays;
  • days of the week;
  • historical days;
  • seasons.


  • sale;
  • promotions;
  • new;
  • company news.


  • workdays;
  • lifehacks;
  • interesting facts;
  • quotes.

ENGAGE (my favourite category):

  • polls;
  • like+share;
  • competitions;
  • quiz.

CREATE (graphic editor).

SHARE (links to any feature stories becoming popular; for example, a lot of links from

Choose any category and see what are more suitable for your industry. For example, let’s see a post from the “SELL” category.


What comes next?

Press on the post which you want to put on the list. Straight away a simple graphic editor will be opened. It works exactly as the “Canva” platform, but in Russian and has a choice of the Cyrillic fonts.

Знімок екрана 2015-10-14 о 14.31.31

In order to change text, you should click on it. In order to edit an image, field, add a ribbon, circle, arrow, billet  and so on, just choose among the collection leftward and edit as you want. Also you can upload your own image.

What if you don’t need now a ready-made post? Suppose, you need only a cool designer picture and the text you will write by yourself.

Then you should open the “Ideas” tab leftward and here you’ll see a big collection of ready beautiful images with texts on all occasions, which can be edited easily. Press on the text and write your own.

Знімок екрана 2015-10-14 о 14.27.27

It is not necessary to know how to work on Photoshop in order to make nice publications on your Facebook page. When you finish the editing, click on the “Preview” button at the top.

Now only one step is left before the post will be published.

Знімок екрана 2015-10-14 о 14.32.32

On this step you can change a text status, publish a post now, place it in a queue or put in on the list. Pay your attention, on which page it will be published. You can check it at the top. The post will be published on the social networks the icons of which are active.

Easy, is not it?

If you’ve chosen several networks, the post will be published on all of them just by one click.

“Put it on the list” is understandable. Choose the time of publication for future use.

Знімок екрана 2015-10-14 о 14.33.33

There is  another  additional cool option – “Queue”. Press the “Back” button. Open the “Settings” tab leftward.

Знімок екрана 2015-10-14 о 14.35.49

Let’s suppose that your posts are published three times per day at the same time. Why should you set the time manually in the scheduler?

In the “Queue” settings you can make the everyday schedule, at which time the posts should be published. On default, all days of the week are marked. You should add the time of post publications.

After this, during the adding of the next post, you should press the “Queue” button, and a post will be published automatically in the nearest time, set in the settings.

This is not all.

There is a calendar which shows all your placed in a queue posts and recommended publications on each day (holidays,etc.).

For example, I’ve learnt that today will be Social Media Day :).

Знімок екрана 2015-10-14 о 14.36.46

One another option of the platform is the tracing of statistics.

In this section you’ll find data about browsing, clicks, links, effectiveness and even the average reach on the page during the chosen period. You’ll be able to sort the publications by “likes”, comments, reposts.


There is a free 14-day trial period. After it’s expired, you’ll pay 30 dollars per month. Taking into account that it can easily replace a copy-writer, designer, content manager, to whom you’d need to pay salaries, 30 dollars is a favourable price.

In such a way, PromoRepublic analyses your theme, selects different news hooks, advices trends, offers ready competition variants, sends information and important reminders to your e-mail, offers a graphical editor, library of  pictures, a standard scheduler of posts or “Queue” (in order not to think about the time), calendar and statistics.

Also some new options are coming: search of platforms, thought leaders for publishing the content.

Test this platform, and if you consider the article to be a useful one, click on the “Like” button.


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