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PromoRepublic Launches the Bundle of Emergency Social Media Academy Course + Free Product to Help SMBs Survive the Crisis

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Let’s be straight and face the facts. COVID-19 is now changing the whole world market configuration, on both the international and local level. The COVID-19 pandemic has already provoked a new spike in digitalization. A 50% growth in online traffic was reported by American content delivery network Akamai in March. What can’t be done offline has been going online. It’s time to make marketing decisions to prevent this transformation from turning into a disadvantage for your business.


“By analyzing today’s global data, we came up with an understanding of major trends that are changing the digital world right now. One of the biggest insights we got is that personal branding on social media is becoming more crucial than ever before. By personally showing a responsible and transparent attitude to your audience, you may save the customer base you already have and become a well-known professional in your chosen niche if you don’t sell your services online yet.” – Val, Co-founder & CPO


When the economy fails, you should become one of the sharp, savvy people to follow. This will help you keep your current customers and get you noticed by new people even if you don’t have your own product and audience yet.

  • Transform products and Organize online sales
  • Build an online brand and organize transparent, helpful communication
  • Engage existing customer base

That’s why we at PromoRepublic have developed a complete educational bundle that consists of an educational course on social media marketing for local businesses and free access to our tools.


“Our major thought here is that people should know what they need to do to keep as many of their clients as possible. That’s why we decided to combine education and product pieces and launch them together as one project” – Daria, Marketing Team Lead


Sign up now, and we will guide you by sharing best practices and tips on building your personal brand from scratch. But it’s you who will decide on a certain strategy of communication to go with to reach your audience.

The Free Social Media Academy contains the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Social Media
  2. Establishing a Social Media Presence
  3. Building a Personal Brand on Social Media
  4. Content Creation
  5. Posting to Social Media
  6. Social Media Engagement
  7. Basic Promotion Techniques

Follow this link to start your education now.

Free to use Personal Brand pack

In order to help SMBs save revenue and help people monetize their skills online during the pandemic recession, we’re offering a new Personal Brand Pack free for 3 months right after completing the Academy Course and becoming certified.

The new Personal Brand tool provides you with:

  • The opportunity to work with 2 social media profiles in one place
  • An AI-based Social Media Calendar which will help determine the right time to post (yes, we handle the situative marketing needs due to pandemic)
  • PDF reporting with all the essential metrics (reach, engagement) and page statistics designed in an understandable way
  • A built-in Graphics Editor that allows users to get absolutely unique content in a few easy steps, + 6,000 pre-made templates to use in 35 industries
  • A Post Boosting feature that will target the most relevant audience by spending only a few bucks on original Facebook campaigns
  • 5 new content packages containing 120+ templates specifically made for today’s struggling industries

Our Personal Brand package is focused on saving income for today’s most struggling personas and those whose knowledge is needed in the current reality. That’s why we’ve also come up with new design and content ideas for restaurant and grocery store owners, fitness and yoga personal trainers, educational course owners, online coaches, physical and mental health therapists. – Stacy, Head of Content

Content for restaurant, bakery or grocery store owners:

View more templates

Content for physical therapists, fitness and yoga trainers:

View more templates

Content for mental health therapists:

View more templates

Content for educational course owners and online coaches:

View more templates


Sign up now, stay safe and be prepared for the dramatic changes that are coming!

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