Jul 7, 2023

How Joey’s Restaurants Achieved a 145% Jump in Views on Google Maps in 6 Months

The company is embracing a hybrid approach and believes its franchisees could bring a unique, local touch to its social...

Nov 1, 2020

Getting Branded Content in Front of More People with PromoRepublic

How PromoRepublic tools helped the Big Cheezy take its startup to the next level by handling customized, scheduled, and personalized...

Sep 28, 2023

Two-day Online Event Featuring Local Marketing Rockstars Sharing Their Visions  

Local Marketing Playbooks: To Be Or Not To Be What Google Experts Say About Listings for Franchises in 2024

Sep 27, 2023

How City Wide Used Data To Drive More Engagement on Search and Social

In order to enhance the local marketing strategy, the head office needed to understand the areas that required improvement.

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