Followers increase
on Facebook

1356 per Post

Post Engagement increase
(Likes & Comments)

1 hour

Time spent on SoMe
Management (weekly)

Story photo

How They Did It

“People would see the sandwiches in person
and literally drool over them. We knew that if
we could just present them the way we wanted to,
and new customers would see them looking
naturally beautiful, they would hurry
into the restaurant.”

They needed to create a lot of content about their special
sandwiches to hype them. So, they used employees and real
photos to tell the story.

“We wanted people to hang out here
and we fostered a really welcoming
restaurant first and foremost.”

Special “bring a friend” giveaways involved BOGO deals
and chances to win a gift card – all announced
on their Facebook page.

Facebook screen
Facebook screen

Their Tactics

Original content, increased frequency,
and image quality.

Better Content Posting brief quotes from a staff member with an interesting
life story inspired many people to read thoroughly and to feel
a deeper connection to the workers, owners and business itself.

Educational content Instead of disappearing for days until another promotion was
ready, they frequently engaged with customers, posting in the
comments, even “cracking wise if someone was making jokes, so
we’d come across as the fun, not-to-serious people we really are.
The goal was to ensure people knew we were available
at all hours for any Big Cheezy-related needs.”

Appetizing Images “We knew that the photos of our food were so good, it was only
about getting them in front of more people and they would sell
themselves. We didn’t have to write anything other than the name
of the item.” To cut through the competitive social media
algorithms, they spent $25 on a Facebook ad, simply of a photo of a
delicious, stuffed grilled cheese sandwich. “This lead to a domino
effect where we got a lot of free publicity from people who saw
the ad because they would tag their friends or even just send
it to them: ‘Have you seen this? Let’s go here ASAP!’”

Their Solution

“PromoRepublic is doing incredible
work with businesses in the social space.”

The Big Cheezy was launching a second restaurant in a nearby
city, so it didn’t have a whole lot of time to promote its current
restaurant. “We knew social was important but we aren’t the
experts. PromoRepublic’s tools help businesses like the Big
Cheezy take their startups, small companies and even major
successes to the next level by handling customized, scheduled
and personalized posting, keeping the conversation going
and building to that “domino effect” where the customers
eventually do most of the work for you.”

Phone screen
Facebook screen

Reaching Success

After a month of chugging along, using PromoRepublic’s strategy, their numbers are excellent:

• Number of Posts: 20 a month

• Post Engagement Increase - 1,356 per post

• Followers Increase - 2300+

• Time Spent on Post Creation - 1 hour a week
(internally, assisting PromoRepublic with
calendar management)

“The more we posted, the more the neighborhood seemed to appreciate that we were active and not just sitting back and saying, ‘Come in and spend.’”

Brian Fairbanks

Social Media Strategist at The Big Cheezy

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