PromoRepublic Integrates TikTok to Help Brands Reach Wider Audiences and Elevate Their Brand Visibility

TikTok integration
Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
Content Marketing Manager
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Upd. on: 28 Jun 2023

Big news!🥳 PromoRepublic has integrated TikTok, giving businesses powerful tools to boost brand awareness, engagement, and data collection. Manage TikTok videos from one platform and grow your brand presence like never before!

New TikTok integration allows you to:

Plan your entire content strategy from one place
Schedule and publish content to TikTok at the best publishing times in a centralized Unified Content Calendar.

Keep your content on-brand and approved
Streamline teamwork using a shared content calendar that spans all social networks. Ensure videos are reviewed with approval workflows before they’re published.

Understand how your TikTok marketing impacts your business
Gain insights on post performance and user engagement, compare numbers over time and across social networks, and make informed decisions for improving your videos’ performance.

TikTok integration

True Business Value of Your TikTok Marketing

TikTok’s endless stream of authentic and unfussy content has made it the favorite of millions of users worldwide. And now, more and more businesses are jumping on the TikTok bandwagon. In fact, over 75% of companies that use TikTok post organic content and allocate 11% to 20% of their overall marketing budget to the platform.

No matter if you’re a small business or a nationwide franchise, with over 1.53 billion users, TikTok is a leading destination for brands looking to drive increased revenue from their social strategies.

A key benefit of our TikTok integration is the ability to scale social media activity and unify campaign management to improve productivity.

We can’t wait to see the great results you’ll achieve with TikTok and PromoRepublic!

Connect your TikTok account now.

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