Top 15 Creative Instagram Post Ideas for International Cat Day

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From employee birthdays to National Hugging Day, holidays of all kinds are a great way to diversify your company’s Instagram. And one of the cutest days to dedicate a post to in your account is International Cat Day! This holiday originated in 2002 through an initiative of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

There are holidays devoted to these undeniably smart animals in many countries. In most parts of the world, Cat Day is celebrated on August 8. But for some countries, this date is different. So, in Russia, it is celebrated on March 1, in Poland — February 17, in Japan — February 22, and in the U.S., they are honored on October 29.

The purpose of this holiday is not only to honor our pets but also to raise awareness about the problem of homeless cats.

Cats were and are one of the most popular pets in the world, second only to dogs. In 2018, 370 million people owned a cat compared to 470 million dog owners. Meanwhile, in Europe, the cat was the most popular animal in the same year: 75 million cat owners vs. 65 million dog owners.

So it makes sense that today, we will dedicate this article to these beautiful animals. So, these are the top 15 Instagram post ideas for International Cat Day!

Idea #1. Post a cat (it’s that simple)

The easiest way to celebrate International Cat Day is to post a cute cat photo and write a greeting. You can also make a slightly more informative post, write about the holiday’s purpose, give some statistics, and other useful information. Users will really appreciate it! And don’t forget about the hashtags!


Idea #2. Make a support post

Write about local shelters or volunteer organizations that help homeless cats. Encourage your followers to help them. Or you can even donate a few percent of your revenue for that day to one of these organizations. This will greatly increase your audience’s trust and build your image as a socially responsible company.


Idea #3. Organize a giveaway 

Have a joint giveaway with a cat supplies manufacturer or retailer. Such publications are a proven way to bring you a new audience and increase activity in your account. Invite Instagram users to subscribe to you and your partner, share the post in Stories, or tag friends in the comments. You can also invite them to be creative: have followers write an original International Cat Day greeting and choose a winner based on the number of likes.


Idea #4. Post about top 10 famous cats

Collect the top 10 most famous cats. These can be both cats who have become famous for something throughout history or just the most popular cats from Internet memes. Don’t forget to share a bit about each of them — Instagram users love this kind of stuff!


Idea #5. Spread the word about the health of cats, nutritious food for them, or a little bit about their upbringing

There is an incredible amount of information on the Internet today about raising or feeding cats, how to take care of them, and what to look out for. And often, it is very easy to get lost in this flood of articles, notes, and blogs. Help your users and collect for them the most relevant and verified information on how to take better care of their pets.


Idea #6. Organize a cat party

Invite employees to bring their own kitties and have a real party for them! Prepare treats, fun costumes, and decorations. You can even get a professional photographer to capture the party for all your followers!


Idea #7. Tell about your volunteer work

Share with your subscribers how your company helps homeless cats or local shelters. Prepare a photo report. Maybe there’s a kitty near your office that you love to feed — your audience will appreciate the gesture!


Idea #8. Let your audience post for you

Invite your followers to post funny pictures of their cats. Collect the most original ones in your account or Stories! You can even reward the most creative users with a promo code or a discount on your products.


Idea #9. Collect the top of the funniest cat videos

The Internet is primarily a place to watch cat videos. Remind your followers of this by compiling the top 10 funniest cat videos ever!


Idea #10. Conduct an interview with the cat

If a cat lives in your company or an employee’s cat has become your office mascot, “interview” it. For example, you can tell about its “working” day in the office or at home.


Idea #11. Make a selection of recipes that your followers can make for their cats

Instagram is full of a variety of recipes. But how often do you see recipes for cats? A hearty soup, tuna treats, flavorful fish? Your followers’ cats will absolutely love it! But be careful and do not touch the subject of cats’ diets — a specialist should only do it!


Idea #12. Have a live stream with a veterinarian or other cat specialist

A Q&A session is always a winning option. Ask your audience to help you put together a list of questions they would like to ask a well-known expert. This could be a veterinarian, a volunteer from a local shelter, or other experts who deal with cats.


Idea #13. Tell about how your employees celebrated International Cat Day

Find out which of your employees have cats. Ask them to share pictures of how they celebrated this holiday with their pets. An ideal way to do this is also to accompany pictures with little stories about what they did and how their cats reacted.


Idea #14. Put together a post of the most hilarious medieval cat paintings

Have you ever seen cats drawn in the Middle Ages? One can’t help but laugh because they are hilarious! Impress your audience on International Cat Day with a selection of the funniest medieval cat drawings, and your followers won’t forget you!


Idea #15. Ask your in-house designers to make cute and funny cards

Cards with original illustrations for all kinds of holidays are very popular on the Internet. Have your design team make a selection of your corporate postcards with cats that can be published on Instagram. The themes can be very different — moments from the life of cats, cats who work in the office, etc. Show your creativity!


So, these were the top 15 creative Instagram post ideas for International Cat Day! Choose and act. It’ll have a good impact on your social media presence!

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