40+ Social Media Content Ideas for July that Will Heat Up Your Account 2022

Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
Content Marketing Manager
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Upd. on: 18 Aug 2022

Hello Sunshine! Hello Summer! This month is glowing with July social media content ideas. Summer is synonymous with sunkissed days and cool nights, grillin’ & chillin’, and ice cream smiles. And now that everyone is on mobile, they will be scrolling all summer long. As a business, your priority is to keep them engaged with refreshing images and eye-popping gifs.

The month begins on a high note with national holidays like Canada Day and Independence Day – your followers are online expecting blowout sales and fun activities. It doesn’t stop there. With more of your customers either out of school or taking vacations, there will be more eyes on your social media platforms. We’re here to make sure your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter are blazing hot with summertime content ideas.

Here’s what to expect in this post:

Welcome July 2022

July is the stand-alone month where every day is dedicated to our magical Summer. Fill up your social media content calendar with photos of your products displayed in summertime settings. Do you have a brick and mortar store? Rally your employees to dress up in tropical gear and post it online. We all know your customers love it when you get personal with them! Encourage health with outdoor wellness tips and nutritional recipes. Keep them accountable by asking them about their progress. We promise you that your followers are online and always on the hunt for new information and new sales to satisfy their summer high.

Hello July Pics & Quotes

We’re all about custom-made templates here at PromoRepublic. We will always encourage you to focus on branding but general posts also generate high engagement. Stirring up positive emotions is a great way to entice them to buy your product or service. Share the July love with Hello July pics and quotes.

July 2022 Daily Holidays

If you are already a user of the PromoRepublic social media content calendar, well then you know our calendar is abundant with holidays. There are no more excuses for empty days on social because we have a holiday for you, each and every day. Get ready to rock your Summer Social life right here and now:

Week 1:

Canada Day

Honoring our neighbors is the right thing to do since many of them are also our customers. Display the red and white today. Celebrate their NBA victory! Celebrate them for being loyal customers! Celebrate them for being too nice! Tell them, “Sorry” just for the fun of it! It makes perfect business sense to revel in their day, especially if they’re buying your products and services.

International Plastic Bag-Free Day

As a business, your customers look to you for leadership. And with the state of our environment and climate change, we need to set the example. Perhaps, the plastic-bag free day could become a more permanent solution. Or at least an educational day for you and your followers.

Independence Day

Show off your National pride today with red, white and blue social media posts. Roll out the spectacular sales all weekend long. Remind your followers to honor this American holiday with full-blown patriotism because we are grateful for our freedom. An increase in engagement will be had today, we guarantee you this!

National Country Music Day

If you’re born in the U.S.A., then you probably love country music. Maybe not all of you, but we’re pretty sure you love at least one song! Jolene? Country Roads? Get the conversation going on Facebook or Instagram – ask them which is their all-time favorite song or artist.

Workaholics Day

Reward those employees that came into work early today (ahem..the day after Independence Day celebrations). They definitely deserve to be honored – such dedication and loyalty. This is a wonderful day to show your employees some appreciation (it’s Friday, after all!).

National Bikini Day

There are so many content ideas for this sun-sational day! If you’re a fashion retailer, it’s all about promotions today. Do you own a spa? If they wear a bikini (and sunscreen, of course) – 10% off! Today is an ideal holiday to educate them on being responsible for their skin with the benefits of sunscreen.

World Kissing Day

Shower your followers with kisses and love today! Literally – if you have a shop or even an online store, with every purchase reward them with a Hershey’s Kiss or lip-shaped candy! Blow them kisses as a way to say thank you! You’re a dentist? Then encourage good breath today with tips and tricks.

Happy Birthday Dalai Lama

84 years old and still ticking! His Holiness’ mission is bringing peace to this world. There still seems a long way to go but there has been some change and that’s all we can ask for. For those with wellness and yoga businesses, today is your day to share his quotes and teachings for inspiration.

World Chocolate Day

For the love of everything chocolate, we hope you feast today! Sprinkle all your Happy Chocolate Day images and quotes on your social media platforms. We don’t need to tell you almost everyone loves chocolate so go on and post your favorite chocolate pics for this chocolate day. Slather on the chocolate emojis and banners on your pictures.

Do you own a bakery, café or restaurant? Chocolate is the star of the show today – why not feature it in promotions or giveaways. Are you a massage therapist or aromatherapist? The use of chocolate in natural remedies is a thing, so share the benefits. Are you a nutritionist or fitness trainer? Dark chocolate is healthy so educate your followers. You can take this day and every holiday as ‘outside the box’ as you wish. As a psychologist, you can emphasize on the triggers of chocolate in our daily lives.

There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to this holiday – just remember to make it relevant to your business or brand.

National Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day

Encouraging quality time between any parent and child is always a good thing. If you’re a business owner, we suggest organizing a picnic day with the father’s and their kids (son or daughter). It’s a delightful way to bring together camaraderie with the employees and establish a positive work environment. We call it a win-win day!

Week 2

Video Games Day

Did you know that a game called ‘Computer Space’ was the first video game ever? Pong came out one year later in 1972. With the thousands of games out there, try asking your followers what their fave game is or was. Get some insight on their likes and interests – let’s call it free marketing research.

Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Made Debut 1962

Are your fans pop-art enthusiasts? Yes. No. It doesn’t matter, this piece of art started a movement from one man’s love of soup. Do what you may with this holiday but we’d love to see you take it up a notch. If you carry products – try lining them up in a grid as Andy Warhol did – just for fun and also to showcase your merchandise in a colorful way. Embrace the artsy spirit and watch your sales rise!

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

Fun Fact: Tesla motors was in fact named after this Serbian-American inventor. Why? He invented the first AC motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology. So, yes, he’s a big deal for the automobile industry. To all the mechanics, car dealerships and engineers – this post is very relevant to your business.

National Piña Colada Day

Nothing says vacation like this summertime guilty pleasure! If you are a bar/restaurant or smoothie joint – we know which one is your superstar drink of the day! Let’s step ‘outside the box’ again – if you’re a retailer, we all know pineapples are a big trend this year. Why not promote your pineapple clothing, accessories, pillows and dinnerware?

World Population Day

Our population clocks in at 7.7 billion people. Should we be worried? Overpopulation is a global problem and yes, we should be raising awareness on this subject. If you’re in the medical field, share the health stats and how-to’s on improving mind, body, and soul.

All American Pet Photo Day

Reach out to your ‘animal lover’ fans out there. We assume dog and cat owners but you’d be surprised by the number of pigs, bunnies, hamsters, ferrets, and even horses people have. Share the fun facts about these wonderful animals. If you’re a pet store, encourage your followers to take a pic with their fave fuzzy animal. If you sell fuzzy bunny slippers – ask them to upload those pics too!

Collector Car Appreciation Day

Engage with your car and truck fans. They may not have collector cars in their possession but they probably appreciate them. Encourage comments by asking questions on their favorite old cars? Childhood or adulthood memories? If you have a gift store then promote all that is in store with cars on them. Take advantage of these holidays to create offers and discounts. Anything helps in the slower months of summer.

National Different Colored Eyes Day

This is a no-brainer post for all optometrists or eyeglass shops. But because we, at PromoRepublic, like to do things differently we were thinking why not use this post as a way to bring up diversity. Being different can mean, ‘cool’ and ‘special’ or just normal. Encourage your followers to post a pic of themselves. Or to talk about what makes them feel different.

National Simplicity Day

July is the month we are given the opportunity to slow down and reflect on our careers and personal lives. Post how-to and tips and tricks templates on decluttering their life or creating a time in the day for me-time. Help them find simplicity with simple tasks. Promote your products and services at the same time.

National Motorcycle Day

Summer is a time when many hit the road in cars, buses, trains, and motorcycles. We’re not going to lie – it’s also a time with a rise in road accidents. Sure, if you own a motorcycle shop – post a beautiful motorcycle but we’d also encourage some safety tips too. These are highly regarded templates because it shows the customer that you care about their well-being.

International Rock Day

Attention all Jewellers and Spiritual Healers – today is your day to highlight the powers of rocks. Diamonds are rocks – did you know that? Why not try a campaign revolving around the engagement ring – “Put a rock on it.” As healers or wellness practitioners, rocks play a vital role in your readings and sessions – educating your customers on some of the healing properties is a win whichever way you look at it.

Shark Awareness Day

Did you know that each year, close to 100 million sharks are killed for their fins? Today is an important day to help save our sharks because they are a vital part of our marine life. They have a bad rap and that’s no thanks to Hollywood (Jaws). Find local environmental groups and partner up with them – show your customers you love them sharks.

Week 3

National Nude Day

So as a business, we don’t recommend posting any nudes. Instead, if you are a fashion retailer – promote your nude pumps, nude colored clothes. If you’re in the beauty industry – try highlighting clean makeup looks today. If you are an organic farmer or restaurant – offer ‘au naturel’ dishes with less sauce and spices. There are so many ways to paint your social media “nude”!

National Give Something Away Day

You can very well encourage your customers to take part in this gesture but maybe leading by example is a good first step. Go and give something away today – a free cupcake or ice cream, fitness session, piece of clothing, drink… You get the picture? Spread kindness.

National I Love Horses Day

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t love this animal. They’re beautiful, graceful and kind. Share the love on social media. If unicorns are your thing – squeeze this in (even though, technically we don’t know what a unicorn is). The beauty of social media is that you can recreate holidays as you wish as a business so that it stays true to your brand.

National Full Moon Day

The Full Moon in July is the Buck Moon, named after the new antlers that emerge from buck’s foreheads around this time of the year. It is also called Thunder Moon. The Age of Aquarius has its perks – people are more in tune with astrology and with their spirituality. Put together posts on how the moon and planets affect your shopping habits. Make them educational and fun to read.

First Instagram Photo

Back in 2010, the first photo uploaded to Instagram was a dog. There are 1 billion users on IG right now. It’s such a powerful marketing tool with 83% of Instagrammers saying they discover new products and services on Instagram alone. Show your customers your first IG photo. Interact with them and ask them to hashtag their first pic for a discount.

World Emoji Day

If you’re not using emojis in your social media strategies, NOW is the time to start. Everyone from your kids to your grandma’s are using emojis. It’s not going away and it’s a fun way to boost your brand. Make it more ‘emotional’. These are the new emotions of 2022 – we have to join them or get lost in the past. And c’ mon: emojis are fun! ????????????????????

Comic Con International Day

With so many releases this year like Game of Thrones and all the Marvel movies, this weekend is surely going to be a feast for all the comic con fans. There are so many followers, it would be in your best interest to post about this day. Focus in on one of your favorite characters and engage with them about theirs. For sure, there will be a discussion (especially after the last GOT season) and that’s all you really want as a business, right?

Happy Birthday Richard Branson

Why does he get a special post? Because he’s the crazy billionaire that gives practical advice to us all on following our passions and living our best life. And everyone just eats it up! He is quite inspiring so go on and share one of his quotes or better yet, his accomplishments. He’s a good businessman to try to emulate.

National Hot Dog Day

Fire up the grill on social media and if you have the means to do it as a business, by all means, go for it! Free hot dogs all day to your customers will always be a welcome gesture. Make some money by selling at retro prices. Whatever you do, this national fave will surely attract old and new customers. If you’re a vegan restaurant – you can get in on the action with tofu dogs!

National Lollipop Day

Maybe not a favorite holiday for dentists. But what if you posted on this day by giving your patients a free pass just today. No one would be surprised at a post stating the bad side effects of sugar! On the other end of the spectrum, lollipops usually make people trigger happy memories – so free lollipops for all is a nice way to say “thank you.” And look at the win-win here, you’re giving more business to your local dentist!!! ????

Week 4

National Hammock Day

With the sweltering heat of summer, people are looking for ideas to cool off. Did you know swinging in a hammock in the shade can actually bring down your body temperature? It can also help you relax. Are you an author or blogger? Go on and encourage your fans to read in a comfortable place.

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

To this day, with all the many flavors available to us, Vanilla ice cream is still number 1. Let’s celebrate it by eating it all day long. If you’re a nutritionist or wellness coach, there are healthy recipes, so please share them with your followers. With smoothies still a thing and ice cream floats on the rise, post your fave pics. And no need to be a business that serves ice cream because almost everyone indulges in this favorite dessert.

Happy Tequila Day

When we say “Tequila!” it’s normal to remember (or not) a wild night out! But did you know that tequila (in small doses) is loaded with health benefits? It can aid in weight loss. It helps fight dementia. It aids digestion. It’s probiotic. It’s a cold-buster. It’s a given that if you are a bar, free shots are on the menu tonight, right? If you are any other business, these facts are indeed worth sharing.

Happy Birthday Matt Leblanc

Friends has become one of the top viewed shows on Netflix. It would be fair to assume that many will recognize Joeyyyyyyy. Kudos to this show for lasting as long as it has – even in the reruns.

All or Nothing Day

This is a clever way to show your followers how far you would go for them. How much of a discount would you do for them? You could say 100% off on an item that you would have given for free. They wouldn’t know and this would make them feel extra special. An extra-special client is a returning customer!

National Gorgeous Grandma Day

More and more women are embracing their age and flaunting it too! We recommend you ask these grannies to post pics of themselves on Facebook or Instagram, hashtagging your business of course. Don’t worry, they are internet savvy and if they are not, they are resourceful – they have grandkids to help them out.

Plaster ‘Happy Grandma Day’ images all over your social networks. Treat them to hefty discounts and VIP events. We spend so much energy on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day when grandmothers are the ones responsible for whipping these two into shape!

Another effective way to honor these ladies is by posting Grandma Day quotes – they will love being celebrated with words of intellect and kindness. Whatever you do – make sure it’s relevant to your business. Retired means they have money and time on their hands, it’s best to reach out to this target audience with wit and candor.

Dance Day

Summer is usually a very active few months so encouraging your followers to get up and dance won’t be so difficult. This is for the dance studios, choreographers, fitness trainers – do your best today by posting dance moves or promotions for new members or ask them to post best video clips of them dancing! The goal of the day is to get your fans movin’ and groovin.

Paperback Book Day

For all those born before the 21st Century, you will know what we are talking about! This day is for all the bibliophiles who love to read actual books! By the way, they are still printing books even today. Authors, rejoice! Your words will still get printed on paper delighting the old school folks.

When we said that July was overflowing with blazing, summer content – we were not joking! Now you are fully equipped with all the holidays for July 2022. There is a full array of templates from educational to motivational to entertaining. Pick and choose as you go – there are many more in our library. As usual, we will always recommend following your branding guidelines and make sure the post is relevant to your business. If you read this blog post, then you are aware of the creative ways you can design the posts to suit your business. Feel free to use all the ideas!

Is your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn? Did you know that as a PromoRepublic user, you could simultaneously post on all these channels at once? Go ahead and click on any one of these holidays and post it directly onto the platform of your choice.

We also have an analytics tool to help you follow the engagement per post. So sit back and watch your social media calendar for July blow up all your channels!


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