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location performance
Grow locations and improve their marketing and CX
Access insights on findability & CX in one place 
Get user-friendly, visual insights from 150+ channels and 300 data points across all locations with one scalable solution. Switch datasets easily without navigating multiple sites.
Safeguard your brand and reputation 
Receive real-time automated alerts about customer feedback and unusual activities. Quickly resolve issues and identify areas requiring additional support or training.
Enhance collaboration and communication
Facilitate better collaboration among marketing, operations, and franchisees by leveraging data and analytics to identify areas of concern and success.
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Boost customer acquisition, conversion, and retention
Track locations’ performance shifts via search rankings, social interactions, and reviews scores.
Compare progress between locations across platforms, brands, and regions.
Understand customer experiences and sentiments through comprehensive semantic analysis.
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slice dice
Slice and dice your data to dive into specific insights
Easily segment data with filters including country, brand, area, and custom tags.
Opt for public segments for teamwork or private ones for personal insights.
Identify top, average, and bottom performers with detailed breakdowns to understand their success or challenges.
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sentiment analysis
Improve your products and services with scalable sentiment analysis
Analyze sentiment across categories and locations to refine customer experience.
Discover trends and analyze multilingual feedback to identify emerging patterns
Win a race with competitive intelligence
Save time with automated competitor data collection and analysis on key channels.
Benchmark against the industry and specific locations with KPIs crucial to your success.
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LP insights
Elevate your strategy with expert-driven insights
Get a to-do list from Copilot, blending data analysis and AI for effective marketing and CX strategies.
Integrate data from your own sources, customize views, and easily share insights with your team.
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What our customers say

Kasey Skala

We can segment the data creating a system that not only allows us to measure the impact for individual locations but also enables us to compare against peers.

Kasey Skala
Director of Strategic Marketing at City Wide Facility Solutions
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