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Tired of paying AgoraPulse and still having to use additional tools to manage social media content? You know... You could have it all in one place. Your search for AgoraPulse alternative has led you here. It’s a match! We’ve just got an advanced tool that will definitely work for you.

How can we know that? Well, the features it offers are must-have for effective social media management as they solve the eternal content creation and collaboration problems. Let’s explore PromoRepublic together and find out why it’s the tip-top best alternative to AgoraPulse!

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A quick overview: AgoraPulse vs PromoRepublic

Collaboration Features

Level up content creation with built-in features

Can’t imagine visual content creation for social media without external Graphic Design Tools? Well, here’s where you’re wrong!

AgoraPulsedoesn’t include content creation features. But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to switch between different tools to finally make and schedule a post. Luckily, there are AgoraPulse competitors(spoiler alert: it’s like PromoRepublic). It just has a Content Library with 100,000+ ideas. There are topical articles, but also you can pick any pictures you need in integrated Photostocks.

Ready-to-use Post Templates

Already inspired? Wait, there’s more. We also give you 6,000+ editable visual post templates. There are engaging, promotional, and motivational among them. With images and GIFs. All this multi-format content is tailored for five networks including Pinterest. Weekly updated, ready-to-use, and good-to-go.

Alternative to AgoraPulse with Post templates

Graphics Editor

Need to create a topical post but don’t have time to spend? Built-in Graphics Editor is your lifesaver! There are 200+ fonts, shapes, and banners to customize your visuals. It will take only a few minutes to add the logo you need or tailor an image for the exact network.

Alternative to AgoraPulse with built-in Graphics Editor

Holiday Calendar

Tools like AgoraPulse can’t make you celebrate every day of the year, but we can! With a holiday calendar and templates for special dates. You will always have what to post to stay relevant!

Alternative to AgoraPulse with built-in Holiday Calendar

Give a better brand experience with White Label

Some clients are tough cookies to impress. Especially while you’re still slogging away with AgoraPulse. But there’s a way to win the hearts of even the toughest of biscuits! Give them a new service offering — your own social media management platform! No worries: you won’t have to develop it yourself. All you have to do is choose PromoRepublic’s White Label solution.

We’ll customize the tool with your agency’s colors and logo and give your clients limited access. They won’t see your Content Library or hidden comments by your team. Just an advanced platform hosted on your agency domain.

White label social media management tool

Get everything you need to grow your business for a fair price

Do you have everything you need to manage multiple clients with AgoraPulse? As far as we know about what agencies’ need we doubt that. How many pages can you connect? And what about adding team members? We thought it would be better if you could invite up to 15 people to workspaces, that’s why our plan for agencies gives you such an opportunity. Along with 30 social media pages to connect, it costs a minuscule $99 per month!

With AgoraPulse, you have to pay €149 for a similar plan. In that, you just get 4 users and 25 social media pages. Don’t settle! You can do better with PromoRepublic!

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