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Do you know that when feeling something is just not right? You’re using a social media management tool, but your workflow is still a mess, content creation takes ages, and your life seems like all spent on scheduling posts. The answer is simple — the tool just doesn’t work for you. That’s why you're here — looking for alternatives to Buffer. We understand you. Especially if you're an agency.

Agencies have their own pain and they deserve a tool designed exactly for them. Just like PromoRepublic. Let’s look through the features it offers and you can make your own decision based on the simple comparison.

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A quick overview: Buffer vs PromoRepublic

Collaboration Features

Streamline content creation - the tools are built-in

How often do you use Pablo by Buffer? Do you even know it exists? Going to a separate app to create or customize content doesn’t sound so good. As well as saving drafts on your desktop to schedule them in a completely different place afterward. But that’s what websites like Buffer offer. While PromoRepublic stands for an advanced approach to content creation.

Content Library

First of all, there’s a Content Library where you can find multi-format content. There are curated articles, integrated photostocks, but it’s not the limit! What if we tell there are 6000+ editable post templates? With images, GIFs, quotes, contests, discounts… Created by a team of professional designers for 17+ industries. Neither Buffer, nor Buffer competitors have them, but we do. And you can use them right away! Our team updates the Library of Post Ideas every week, so there will always be something fresh.

Сontent library

Graphics Editor

You may also like our Buffer app alternative as there’s a Graphics Editor with 200+ fonts, shapes, and banners. It will take only 5 min and a few easy steps to customize images. And the best thing is that you can resize the pictures you get for different networks and save the ideas in the content library, or schedule them to the calendar.

Graphics Editor

Built-in Holiday Calendar

Your content will always be up-to-date with our holiday post templates with images, GIFs, and quotes. You can find them right in the calendar — there’s something for every day!

Holiday Calendar

Save your social media energy — recycle or reuse your posts!

Do you have evergreen posts relevant for the whole year? Make sure your audience doesn’t miss them. All you need is to set a repetitive period. They will be automatically posted again and again. Or maybe you know what post brought you maximum engagement and want to get such results one more time? Just reuse it with PromoRepublic! Don’t miss your chance to achieve reliable success.

Apps like Buffer don’t offer such an opportunity. If you want to reuse content, you will have to create a separate post in your Queue or re-share existing one. It really doesn’t make any sense, does it? Start your trial with PromoRepublic and get a new experience of doing it without efforts.

Recycling posts on social media

Expand your service offerings with White Label

What we offer is a tool that looks like it’s your own. While companies like Buffer can’t give you that option. No doubt, it will enhance your agency’s reputation and impress your clients. What they will see is an advanced social media management platform branded with your colors and logo and hosted on your website domain.

It’s a whole new level of collaboration! It will save you up to 50% time spent on approval processes. Invite team members and clients to workspaces to comment on content in real-time. Clients will have limited access to the platform so they won’t see your comments unless you open them.

White label social media management tool

Pay exactly for the features you really need

Similar to Buffer, PromoRepublic has a professional plan which allows you to add teammates and connect multiple pages to your profile. But the pricing differs! With Buffer, you get a place for 11 teammates at $199 per month. And, limitations on the number of posts.

With PromoRepublic, you pay $99 for 15 teammates, 30 social media pages, and you’re free to publish as many posts as you need. We believe the pricing speaks for itself:

“This is the best alternative for Buffer and you also get proper design editor to make your social media graphics on the go. PromoRepublic suggests you what type of content should be posted at what time, this is hands down the best feature ever in it!.”

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