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Do you remember the moment you started looking for SproutSocial alternatives? What pushed you to do it? Maybe, you needed a tool with built-in content creation features? Or wanted to expand your service offerings with a White Label solution. Congratulations! You’ve just found what you’ve been looking for.

PromoRepublic is an all-in-one tool to run social media management on autopilot. It offers all the features you need in a single interface. No more switching between different tools! Choose one with content included. Check its features and make the correct decision.

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A quick overview: SproutSocial vs PromoRepublic

Collaboration Features

Create, customize, and schedule posts right in PromoRepublic

One quick question: what is a library to you? If your answer is «a place where you manage images», you’ve probably been using SproutSocial for too long. Meet a SproutSocial competitor that knows the true meaning of this word! For PromoRepublic, a library is a place where you can TAKE ready-to-go content.

Post Ideas

Similar to Sprout Social, we have content curation tools. You can find articles on any possible topic to make your posts smart and witty. And not only articles! Tons of pictures are available for you in integrated Photostocks! 100,000+ post ideas altogether.

Alternative to AgoraPulse with Post templates

Graphics Editor

PromoRepublic has an advanced tool to edit your pictures and make them unique. What is so special about the tool? Well, there are 200+ fonts, shapes, and banners. Plus the ability to resize an image for the chosen network. Oh, and it’s built-in, not just integrated.

Alternative to AgoraPulse with built-in Graphics Editor

Editable Templates

Do you like the idea of getting a professional image for your post in just a blink? That’s exactly what we offer! There are 6,000+ editable visual templates designed by professional team waiting for you in the Library. With quotes, contests, promotions — everything you need to create an engaging post.

Alternative to AgoraPulse with built-in Holiday Calendar

Enhance you brand with White Label

What is your hack to impress clients and make them loyal? Let us offer you one more! Provide them with your own social media management tool to collaborate in the interface branded with your colors and logo. Don’t have time or the budget for developing such a tool? It’s not a problem at all! We’ll do it for you. There will be no PromoRepublic logo in your White Label tool, just yours. Feel like home!

Invite clients to join conversations and comment on your team’s work, get their approvals in one click. Limit their access to anything you want to keep between you and your team. Make the platform a nice place to work on all the stages of the content creation & approval process!

White label social media management tool

Keep in mind what you pay for and what you actually get

Don’t let the tool cut out your ambitions! Want to serve more clients? Need to connect more social media pages? With PromoRepublic, you will have 30 profiles for $99 per month. While SproutSocial takes $149 for only 10 pages. It’s up to you to figure out the difference!

We doubt you like working in solitude. That’s why we offer an option to add 15 team members to your profile. The pricing stays the same. We just believe you will create great things together without paying additional money for such an opportunity.

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