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If I were you, I would also start looking for Sendible alternatives. As social media marketing changes, a business grows, it requires modifications. New features to save time you spend on, let’s say, on content creation, are a big plus. What if there’s a Sendible competitor who has everything you need on a single platform? We bet PromoRepublic does. Feel free to fact check me here, though!

We’ll give you three significant reasons why our tool is the best way to eliminate your social media management pain while serving multiple clients. These reasons are content creation features, sales materials included to White Label solution, and clear pricing. Follow along the list!

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A quick overview: Sendible vs PromoRepublic

Collaboration Features

Create content in minutes with built-in tools

How many hours a day do you spend on content creation? Using our tool, you will make it in a blink in comparison with Sendible. As PromoRepublic allows you to take ready-to-use content in a Library with 100,000+ Post Ideas. There are not just curated articles, but also pictures from integrated photostocks. That’s already better than Sendible. Still sound like a too long story? No problem! We’ve got something special.

Ready-to-use templates

We have 6,000+ visual templates with images and GIFs for 17+ industries created by a team of professional designers. Motivational, promotional, engaging — all you need to do is to pick the one that suits you the best and post it right away. The templates are updated weekly, so there’s always something fresh.

Alternative to AgoraPulse with Post templates

Graphics Editor

If you need absolutely unique visuals for your posts, in a short time, you can customize them with a Graphics Editor. We don’t offer you, like Sendible, to go to Canva and create an account there. We give you 200+ fonts, shapes, and banners right in the app. Stay calm and get outstanding images without any additional effort! Tailor them for different networks afterward.

Alternative to AgoraPulse with built-in Graphics Editor

Holiday Calendar

Maybe, other companies don’t like holidays the way we do. Mmaybe, they just don’t want you to celebrate. We don’t know the exact reasons why they don’t provide you with post templates for special dates like we do. The only thing that matters, is that you can have topical content on a daily basis using our calendar.

Alternative to AgoraPulse with built-in Holiday Calendar

Promote your White Label tool to clients

The White Label tool by Sendible may work for your business, but does it help you convince your clients they need a White Label and sell it to them? We know how to enhance your White Label and help you sell your social media marketing services more effectively.

PromoRepublic’s pack includes sales materials: email chains and presentations. You can use them to maintain communication with the clients and give them the exact recommendations on how to take the max from the tool you’re offering.

White label social media management tool

Stay on top of what you’re paying for

Did you manage to understand how Sendible motivates their pricing? Do they charge you for access to the number of services or for the number of integrations? Or the number of features you connect to the account? Wow, how don’t you get lost? No matter how great the software is, we’re not sure it’s worth all the calculations.

With PromoRepublic, you have a clear understanding of the tool “from the box” you get for the price. By connecting a social media page to the platform you can create content, schedule, get basic statistics, etc for it. And there are no separate services or features you have to pay additionally for. The only thing that influences pricing directly, is the number of pages you can connect and the number of teammates you can invite.

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