Feeling like there might be a Hootsuite alternative for you?

Your senses don’t lie! Hootsuite works for some businesses, but maybe it’s just not your type.
Especially, if you’re an agency — your needs are not the same as the needs of SMBs’.
We know the pains you face and the software we offer is here to eliminate them.

Let us guess! Do you aspire for better content creation and collaboration at an affordable price?
That’s why you started searching for an alternative to Hootsuite?
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A quick overview: Hootsuite vs PromoRepublic


What PromoRepublic offers is a library of ready-to-use content, not just a place to organize it

We know you can organize your content in the Hootsuite interface. But is it actually a library? We believe a library is a place where you can go and take the books you want. In our case, the templates you want. That’s how the platforms differ.

Content Ideas Library

While Hootsuite has a content curation tool, PromoRepublic has a Library of 100,000+ Post Ideas for 17+ industries. You can use 6,000+ templates with images and GIFs created by a professional team.

Built-in Holiday Calendar

There are templates for topical posts on special dates in the calendar itself. Starting with World Friendship day and finishing with Race Your Mouse Around the Icons day.

Content creation tools

No need to switch between content creation tools! All you need is built-in.

Working with services like Hootsuite, you have to split the content creation process into several stages: find a relevant picture, customize it, download it and schedule it. That’s a lot of it.

The magic of PromoRepublic is that you can do it in a single app! With built-in Graphics Editor, 200+ shapes, fonts, and banners are available for you. Use them to customize the images and create engaging posts in a smart way. No switching between apps, no mess in your content! Post the images right after customizing them or save drafts for future posts.

Content creation tools

Make yourself at home with a White Label solution

There’s no place like home. Many agencies want to have a social media management platform branded with their own logo and colors instead of Hootsuite’s logo. But developing such a tool may take years and budgets… Or, wait for it: you can get it today. Luckily, we have a White Label plan. We will remove our logo, customize the platform and your new home will be ready.

Imagine how your clients will be impressed using a tool hosted on your agency website domain! It’s a completely new level of collaboration, right? And adding a new service offering to your list sounds so good. PromoRepublic is always happy to make a way for your brand. Websites like Hootsuite don’t do that.

White Label Solution

Paying more doesn’t mean getting more! There are always alternatives.

Have you made a desperate decision to pay Hootsuite $599 a month for the business plan to get the collaboration tool? You can do better than Hootsuite! Working on content and getting approvals isn’t always that painful, or expensive.

PromoRepublic’s collaboration tool works similar to Hootsuite, but it doesn’t cost $599! You can organize social media pages into workspaces, invite team members or clients and comment on content creation in real-time. And it costs $99 a month. Oh, for this price you can also connect 30 social media pages to your account. Sounds great, right? Then why would anyone pay $599 to Hootsuite for the same features? Do you know the answer? We don’t…

Collaboration Features

“Before discovering PromoRepublic, we were spending 10 or 15 minutes per post - and that was just for basic visual content - using Canva for design and Hootsuite for scheduling finished posts. Once we started working with PromoRepublic, we were suddenly spending no more than 5 minutes on it.”

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“We were using Hootsuite to bulk upload on social media and Postfity to post from multiple personal accounts on LinkedIn. But having these social media tools didn’t solve the spreadsheet problem, as the artwork was created elsewhere. Hootsuite and Postfity left my team yearning for a better solution that would simplify things overall. That’s how we discovered PromoRepublic.”

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