Expand your opportunities with an advanced MeetEdgar alternative

Secretly dreaming of an affordable MeetEdgar alternative with advanced features? Dreams do come true! We appreciate those who think big and are eager to provide them with an advanced all-in-one tool. Your content creation, scheduling, and collaboration will go to a whole new level once you try PromoRepublic.

Let us surprise you with the opportunities it offers for your business and show you how it can smooth your workflow and save you tons of time and money. Just look through the features we offer and make an informed decision!

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A quick overview: MeetEdgar vs PromoRepublic

Collaboration Features

It’s pretty obvious the platform PromoRepublic offers for $49 per month is more advanced that the same of MeetEdgar. While you can always customize the pack to your needs and get a White Label tool with approval flow for $99 or $182 depending on the number of team members and social media page you want to connect.


Take multi-format content from the Library

We are givers, not takers. The Library available for you in the app is filled with 100,000 Post Ideas — articles, stories, pictures from integrated photostocks. You can take any of them to create your posts in a few minutes. But it’s not the limit! A MeetEdgar competitor should do better, right? So that’s what we do!

Ready-to-go post templates

Do you remember such cases when you had to create a post really quickly and tools like MeetEdgar couldn’t help you? We are happy to announce a better option! Join PromoRepublic to have 6,000+ editable visuals at your fingertips. Post images and GIFs with quotes, contests, or promotions created by a team of professional designers. Weekly updated, ready-to-use! No competitors on this planet can beat this.

Alternative to AgoraPulse with Post templates

Built-in Graphics Editor

When you need a picture with particular banner, it’s faster to customize it yourself than to find the exact one on the Internet. This is especially true if the editing tool is built-in in the interface. And it offers 200+ fonts, shapes, and banners. That’s what you can have with PromoRepublic. Create your unique visuals without switching between different apps, resize images for 5 networks, including Pinterest, schedule or post right away.

Alternative to AgoraPulse with built-in Graphics Editor

Level up your service offerings with White Label

Does MeetEdgar give you a social media management tool that looks like it’s your own to offer to your clients? As they say in Spanish, “ no.” It’s a significant reason to start looking for an alternative to MeetEdgar, don’t you think? Collaborating with clients in real-time on a platform branded with your colors and logo is the ultimate way to enhance your reputation.

The clients will have limited access to the discussions on content creation and won’t see the Library. Only the comments you open will be available for them. It will make the approval processes so much smoother. Check it for yourself! Add your own tool for social media management to your service offerings.

White label social media management tool

Pay exactly for the pack you need

MeetEdgar is not too expensive. With that said, it doesn’t give you a chance to customize the pack and pick the exact features and number of pages you need. You can get only 25 social media pages to connect while there’s no opportunity to add team members.

Similar to MeetEdgar, PromoRepublic is affordable, but there are packs for agencies and small businesses divided into different categories. Everything is crafted for your needs! Pick the pack and get the number of pages and team members to suit your needs.

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