Best Instagram Analytics tools and how to use them for better analysis

Best Instagram Analytics
Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

Tracking the right Instagram analytics is the key for the success for a bigger part of all social media marketers. If you know what to track and how to use this information, there is a high possibility that your engagement will rise. And, of course, as every huge social media, Instagram has a pack of special tools that will help you to perform a deep analysis of your subscribers, your content and their feedback. There are seven basic tools that will be the most effective for everyone.

Instagram Insights

The Instagram`s built-in analytics tracker gives you an opportunity to check in on your profile performance at a glance. The main advantage of these tool is it`s simplicity. You don`t need to be a specialist to work with Insights. You can quickly check your past week`s progress on mobile app while going somewhere. However, this tool has a huge disadvantage. You can`t easily gain a bigger-picture understanding of your efforts over time. The data is fairly limited, and you can`t export any of it`s part from the application.

Hootsuite Analytics

We cannot form our list of Instagram Analytics tools without mentioning Hootsuite Analytics. It`s good that Instagram users enjoy such product and are using it regularly.

Hootsuite Analytics allows you to look further back in the past post data and determine KPIs, and measure profile growth with greater confidence.


This analytics tool for Facebook and Instagram has a generous offer for first-time users: a free audit for their Instagram profile. When you are signing into the platform, they send you an email with a performance review with tips for a better content optimization.

With Iconosquare, you are able to export your Instagram data, and you can schedule automated reports to be sent into your inbox. You are able to export reports by timezone to see how you are engaging different audiences around the world.

Union MetricsUnion Metrics

The main feature of this Instagram analytics tool is that you are able to see trends and outliers automatically pulled from your insight stream, so you can immediately identify actionable moments in your post history. There is also an ability to monitor your photo tags and mentions. You always know when you are trending.


There is one strategy that can help you to boost your Instagram audience. The main idea is to follow as many people as you can. About 30% of all accounts will follow you back. Unfortunately, when you reach the mark of 7 500 followers, this strategy stops working.

CrowdFire helps you to solve this problem with it`s unique feature: follower analytics that expose sneaky unfollowers, so you can unfollow them right back! With an ability to free up space in your following list, you can continue growing up your audience with mutual relationship.


This tool was made only for Instagram, and with it you will be able to focus on curating the most beautiful feed. Plann`s analytics will reveal which color schemes your audience likes best. There is also an ability to compare your most effective color schemes against your competitors with the help of Plann`s “Sneaky Peek” feature.

Final thoughts

As you see, there are so many options of analyzing your Instagram content and taking it`s best parts to improve your profile, create a better engagement or increase user`s feedback. We showed you the most powerful Instagram analytics tools that were tested by our experts. We can easily say that you will enjoy the working process with each program, but we recommend you to try them all. Good luck!


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