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The best ways to find trending topics in the Internet

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If you are a regular social media user, company developer or editor, you are probably very active on your social media page and things you post on your page are very necessary for you and your audience. However, you can`t just post everything that comes to mind, and the most important thing that you should do to have good posts on your page is to follow trends.

Why trends are so important for us? Well, because people are always interested in everything that happens in the world. If you will write something about past evens, your account will lose it`s popularity and subscribers will go away from you. To solve this potential problem, we will show you the best ways to find trending topics without using Twitter topics, which are also popular in community.


With more than just cute puppy pictures and spoiler-filled lists, Buzzfeed`s trend section gives readers a look on everything that is popular on their own website (this method is good while talking about pop-culture-related content). It also shows us what is in trend at the whole Internet at the current moment. Who knows, maybe at one moment some hard-hitting news or dramatic stories will appear on the timeline.

Google TrendsGoogle Trends

Many people don`t even realize that there is such method of finding trendy topics on the Internet. However, it`s possible. Google Trends have a special option called visualizer: a thing that show you top 1, top 5, top 10 or top 25 of the most popular trending searches. If people are interested in it right now, it means that you can use it to generate new content. Of course, if we are talking about Google Trends, we mention everything that people search for in Google.

Google +

If you`re managing a community or social media for a tech-orientated brand, you definitely should use the option of โ€œWhat`s hotโ€ section in Google+. The algorithm is pretty simple โ€“ the system shows you the most popular hashtags posts and accounts that could probably interest you according to your preferences.


Also, a departure from the typical Twitter crowd, Reddit is a place where you are able to see the most popular news, personalities, events and other things that are on the top. You need trending topics to add something to your social media account? It`s not a problem, because Reddit has it all and something more!


Here we have the most popular and usable tools that may help you to look for trends and follow the news that appear in the world every day.

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