The best ways to get followers on Instagram authentically

Instagram authentically
Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

Are you growing your brand on Instagram? Do you see positive results? If you think that something is wrong with your account, continue reading this article.

Social media is probably the most effective way of growing up your brand. You know people see every piece of content that you share and, as a result – they can understand how your brand looks like, what goods or services it has and what can they take from it. However, you won`t achieve success on Instagram or any other social media if you won`t have enough followers (it`s important for big brands). Sometimes marketers can`t find their customers because their audience isn`t huge enough. So, to solve this problem, we decided to write this article and show you the easiest ways of getting followers on Instagram.

Work on your bio

What is the first thing that person sees while opening every social media profile? Yes, it`s bio. With it, users are able to understand what`s your profile about, what are you doing, where are you from and what can you offer.

If you want people to stay with you for a long time, you should write a complete bio with all important information about your brand. You should also add a link from your website, so it will be easy for users to buy any product if they have already chosen something.

Optimize your contentOptimize your content

If you have already chosen to advertise your products on Instagram, you should realize how it will happen. Look at the products that you are going to sale. Think about all possible types of content that you can use in your Instagram account. Mix them up and look on people`s reaction. If you see that they don`t like video content, it`s a signal for you to stop posting it in your timeline.

Use different photo editing tools while working with images. Remember that your content is the face of your brand, and if you want people to like it, you should make it look perfect. We recommend you to use VSCO – this tool has many unusual filters and tips that will make your images much better, even if you have a bad camera.

Create your own posting schedule and work with it

You won`t achieve success in any social media if you won`t use a posting schedule. With it, you will understand how much time you need to prepare new posts, edit photos, write new descriptions or fix something on your site.

We recommend you to use Sprout Social for scheduling your posts. You just add new posts to the table and then, when the time comes, just publish them in your Instagram timeline. Note: with tools like Sprout social, you are able to schedule content for any social media platform.

Keep an eye on fake Instagram followersKeep an eye on fake Instagram followers

If you understand how many people engaged with your content, you can approximately realize who will purchase it, and who won`t. However, there is always one huge problem – fake accounts. It could be a bot that has simple functions – putting likes and subscribing different accounts. Real Instagram followers can like, comment and share your posts. If you send them a message, they respond to it instead of fake accounts that show no activity after subscribing your account.

Be careful with fake followers. Always.

Promote your Instagram account through other social media channels

Paid Instagram promotion is a good variant, but what if you don`t want to spend money on such things? The answer is simple – use other social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. If you have fans who subscribe you on all these platforms, you can easily show them your Instagram profile. Show them something that you post only on Instagram, so they will go and click on “Follow” button.

Just start the conversation

Probably the best way to make users aware of your Instagram is through conversation. If we will look on the Sprout Social 2016 Q2 Index, nearly 35% of customers choose social media for customer care.

That percentage outranks live chat, emails, 1-800 numbers and in-store assistance. People continue to use social media as their contact reference for brands. And, as a brand owner, you should be communicative and supportive on Instagram.

If you really want get new followers on Instagram, you should respond to as many questions and comments as possible. People will see that their opinion is important for you, so they will tell their colleagues about you, and your audience will grow.

Final thoughts

In fact, there are hundreds of ways for getting new followers on Instagram. Some of them are well established, some of them are created by the young marketers according to their own experience, and other part of developers just pay for the promotion and wait for the followers to come.

We showed you the examples that worked for us, and we are sure that they will work for you, too.


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