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types of social mediaSocial media are full of different content. However, people never pay attention to it`s type because the rhythm is incredibly fast and you can`t react to all these videos, articles or images.

However, everyone who joins the social media wants to be active, get likes, comments, reposts, retweets and other stuff. People try different methods of posting, find perfect timing to add post to the page, take beautiful photos of themselves but…the result don`t come. Probably someone will say that we must wait for one or two days and then our activity will come. No, it`s not right.

Social media content that we generate becomes blah, and users start skipping our posts without any reaction. To avoid this problem, we should use different kinds of media content. In this article we will show you the most specific and nonstandard variants of content, which you can use in your accounts.


If you didn`t hear about podcasts, it`s not a big problem. In simple words, podcast is a sort of video content when a person sits in front of the camera and start talking about any topic that he/she prefers. Very often people are creating podcasts to discuss massive problems like racism, wars or unemployment.

There are no difficulties of working with podcasts because all you need to do is to open the video and start listening. You don`t need to watch the video from the first second to the end. You can cook dinner, write message to a colleague or even do your daily workout in the gym. Don`t worry, you will remember all key information from the podcast.

How can we post our podcast in the social media? Just put a link and write a short description with one or two hashtags. And, of course, put a static image from the video to attract people. Then just sit and get ready for action.

Live streams

When Facebook Live appears to the users, they start using it very active. Sometimes people enjoy sitting on the sofa and watching live broadcast from the conference, or an interview with famous media type

However, be careful with this sort of social media content. If you want to create a show and attract spectators, you should prepare the studio, rehearse your performance and be self-confident. Or, if you walk down the street from the café or from your job, you just need to find the right topic, say all the words loud enough and have good sense of humor. Seriously, if you will speak with a poker face, no one will watch t

your stream.

What social media should you choose? It`s up to you. We`ve said about Facebook Live, also you can try live broadcast on Instagram or even start streaming on Twitch. Choose something that is comfortable for you.

User Generated conten

People often forget about this type of social media content, which gain popularity in the last few months. How it works? If you follow celebrities, sportsmen or bloggers, all you need to is to make a repost of their publication to your page. It could be retweet in Twitter or repost on Instagram or Facebook. You can even make a screenshot of this post and add it to your news feed.

What can you get from it? People will see your activity, pay attention to your subscriptions and, of course, to your account in the social media. You will get likes on your reposted publications and probably new subscribers. Go and try it now.


A bigger part of Internet users create their pages in the social media to entertain themselves and gain subscribers. However, some individuals start following interesting groups and join different discussions to know something new in different spheres of life.

For the first time we thought that it is a little bit strange, but now we are sure that this method works well. People can find someone who has the same interests and make friendship or even partnership in future.

If you are interested in any of the sphere`s in our life, you can try create guides about it. We sure that people want to learn more and your guide will help them to do so.

Nevertheless, don`t be very serious. If you want to gain likes, comments and become popular, you must have a nonstandard method of work. Your guides should give knowledge and attract, or you will lose audience. Remember about it.

To post guide on your social media account you need to put a link and any good image that will look interesting for you.


If you are tired of writing and reading texts, you must try this kind of media content. Infographic is always interesting for people who spend hours scrolling down their news feed consisting of images and words. With infographic, you are able to told people much more than they could read from the article or see on the photo.

content social mediaYou combine these two kinds of information in one huge graphic. You can make it like an image or create an extra document in program. Only you can choose the better variant.

VR content

The future is coming, and every day we can see some new technologies being tested by developers or even sold in online shops.

VR (Virtual Reality) became popular in days. People can play the guitar, fight in the ring with each other, shoot from the machine gun or run away from a maniac. However, these are just games. You can go further and show your subscribers something more. What about vlogs from interesting places in your country or a small dynamic clip. Let your fantasy work and do what you can do the best. VR always has good quality and such videos couldn`t be long, so everyone will watch it!social media content types


In the end of our short story we want to say that your content is only one part of the result. The second part is your own skills. Everything depends on how will you give this final product to the audience. No one can do everything perfect on the first try. There always will be editing and correcting process.

Of course, if you want to show something simple, you don`t need to waste your time. Give what you have.

If fact, all these likes and comments are nothing. First and core thing – you must enjoy your product. Only then you will have interest to continue working and creating something really good.



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