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A complete emoji guide for social media marketing developers.

social media marketing developersToday some developers are facing one serious problem – their content became uninteresting for their followers. People are getting tired of reading simple texts about interesting topics. Even if it is something that should be serious, you should understand that it`s impossible to interest someone by repeating the same algorithm again and again. You will lose your target audience and there will be no income from what you are doing. To solve this problem, we must change the way of writing our social media texts, and today we will talk about one good thing – emoji. What do you know about it? How often do you use it?

What is emoji?

In simple words, emoji is a smile that describes one object from our life (cake, dress, book, building etc.). In most cases people are using emoji to:

  • Replace some phrases or words in their posts
  • Create a diversity in their content

However, sometimes people are making mistakes while using emoji in the social media, and today we will talk about core things that you should do to make everything right. Social media developers, you should also pay attention to it.

Understand the meaning of each symbol

Today we have a completed library of social media emojis, and each of these symbols means something. Of course, you should know the meaning of the symbol before using it in the text. If you will use the wrong emoji, people won`t understand what you wanted to say. The most common mistake is when someone uses happy crying smile instead of using sad crying smile. Don`t make such mistakes, please. If needed, read the description for each emoji to be sure that you won`t miss.

Don`t spam

You must always remember about this rule while working with content in social media. If you will add to many social media emojis, it will look like an entertaining post in the business account.

Emoji spamming is like a word spamming. If you will use one word so many times, your text won`t be readable and people won`t read your posts again. To fix such mistake, you should add emojis gradually. Look on people`s reaction and continue the experiment.

Use emojis for reacting messages and social media engagement

If you see that today is a big date for you or your business, make a reacting message made of emojis only. There`s no need to write something every time. Don`t worry, such content won`t show your possible laziness. It will show that you are a creative person and you can describe situations not only with words.

Stay away from cryptic messages

We hate when people turn social media emojis into a special code that should be solved by the reader. The information you give should be clear and even a small child must understand it. You are working for consumers who just want to understand your information. So, please, make it affordable.

Use right emojis for the right messages

If your today`s post in the social media is about the most popular food that people order from delivery, you should have only food emojis in text (pizza, hamburger, cake). Don`t add anything that is far away from your topic. When people read the text, they usually visualize the things they read about. Your emojis will help them to do such thing, and the quality of your content will be much higher.


Here it is! Our complete guide, where we described the basic rules that should be followed while using emojis in your social media posts. Remember that you must follow all rules to improve the quality of your content. Don`t miss anything and keep reading our articles. Good luck!


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