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People often forget how exactly the social media bio should looks like. So, to solve this problem, we will tell you how to create a good bio on Twitter.
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How to create a good Twitter bio to attract more clients

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social media bioPeople who have a huge experience of working with the social media know that it`s very important to have a good bio. If you are a designer, or a developer, or a businessperson with a strong reputation on the market, you need to give users all important information about yourself.

Today people often forget how exactly the social media bio should looks like. So, to solve this problem, we will tell you how to create a good bio on Twitter – one of the most popular social media platforms.

First of all, make sure that all your bio is completed and all-important parts are on it`s places. These parts are:

  • Name. Your name or the name of your business. use the most common name so it will be easy for users to find you in the feed. Not more than 20 characters.
  • Username. This is how you will name yourself on Twitter. People are often using phrases or quotes as their username. However, you should find a username dedicated to your sphere. It should be at least 15 characters long.
  • Location. If your business is located in a single physical location, this is where you can show your neighborhood pride and give potential followers some context for your tweets. The location should be 30 characters long.
  • Website. you are holding a website? add it to your Twitter bio, so users will be able to get more information about your brand. The more customers know, the more purchases they will do. Not more than 100 characters.

How to make your Twitter bio more specific?

Of course, it`s important to give people an important information about yourself and your brand. However, you shouldn`t look like a robot. Make your account non-standard, and followers will be coming to you every day.

Add call-to-action buttonAdd call-to-action button

Who said that Twitter bio is just for pure information? With CTA button, you give users an opportunity to perform a purchase in two clicks. They just need to click on the link in your bio and choose something from the site.

Add your own hashtagAdd your own hashtag

In Twitter, it`s all about hashtags. People use them to mark their tweets or to find information they need. With the personal hashtag, it will be easier for users to identify your content in the global feed. They just click on it and see all your tweets that are marked.

Convey personality

Again, your Twitter bio shouldn`t be simple and boring. You want to draw people`s attention, so you should add something that they will remember. It could be a phrase like “I`ll be back” or something like that. You can create the slogan of your brand and add it to your bio.

Final thoughts

As you see, there are different ways of improving your Twitter bio. imagine that you are a regular user and you are looking for some cool brands to follow. What do you want to see in their bio?


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