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How to create a perfect LinkedIn advertisement? A complete guide

As all huge social media, LinkedIn is a perfect place for building your business career, finding target audience and regular clients, forming partnership and becoming a successful social media marketer. However, if you want your product to be sold, you must present it in the best way. People must understand that they won`t found the better variant anywhere else. In our today`s article, we will have a look at all possible variants of LinkedIn advertisements and show you how to create one. So, let`s go.

LinkedIn advertisement. A creating process…

So, to start creating advertisements and working with them, you need an account in LinkedIn. We won`t stop at this point and just say that your profile must be sharp, entertaining and completed. No unnecessary details, just important information.

Step 1. Set up a Campaign Manager account

This process will take a few minutes of your time, but this thing will be very usable. With it, you will be able to manage and optimize your advertising on LinkedIn. You can also use features to see your advertisements performance. Here are some examples:

  • Dynamic visual reporting.
  • Seeing how your sponsored content campaigns are performing.
  • View demographics of people who click on your ads.

Step 2. Choose a type of your ad

With LinkedIn, you are able to use three different types of your content to get maximum impact and reach from your campaign. These types are:

  • Promoting content with targeted native advertising.
  • Driving traffic ads.
  • Targeted DM (direct messages) sending.

After that you must create a campaign name, choose a target audience language and select a call-to-action option (if you are using sponsored content advertisements).

Step 3. Create your advertisement

With campaign manager, you will get through this process. You will be able to select extra tips and correct details of your advertisement.

Step 4. Target your advertisement

Specify options for targeting your ad to the right people. You can use it according to some core positions: age, gender, location, company names, interests, skills, LinkedIn activity and others. Save your settings – you will need them while working on other advertising campaigns.

Step 5. Set your budget and posting schedule

To work with money part, you have options:

  • Cost per click
  • Cost per impression
  • Cost per send (for sponsored ads)

While working with CPM and CPC, set a daily spend limit and a bid price. This states the max you`ll pay per click or impression. Also, you should set the start and the finish of your advertising campaign. It`s very important because you will be working according to your budget, and it will be bad if you will spend too much on promotion.

Step 6. Measure and refine your LinkedIn advertisements

Again, we are talking about campaign manager. With it, you will be able to measure and optimize your campaigns with metrics like the number of clicks, likes and spend. You will se how people interact with your content.

Types of LinkedIn ads

We`ve said enough about creation of advertisements, now we should pay attention to it`s types. Here you will see advantages of each type and understand how it could be used in your campaign.

Sponsored content

In easy words, sponsored content is the kind of content in the social media that you share with the help of other companies. How it happens? You contact the company that you want to work with, pay them for the cooperation and they share your content. They are your sponsors, because they are promoting you.

LinkedIn text advertisements

Simple, but workable advertisement with headline, main part and conclusion. You draw people`s attention by telling them about your goods or services, and they click on the advertisement to buy it.

Video adsVideo ads

Like in all other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows you to publish video content. And you could use this content for promotion of your product. Create a short video where you are telling people why your services are the best and why people should start buying them right now.


As you see, LinkedIn is a very good platform for promotion and growing up your business. don`t believe us? Think again, because more than 560 million users will be able to see your ads and buy your services. If someone will say that it`s hard to work with advertisements on LinkedIn, you can show him this article.

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