The most effective ways of embedding your Twitter feed. Examples and recommendations

embed Twitter feed
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If you are a businessperson who is not using accounts in social media for promotion, you should start right now. Sometimes people think that social media need a lot of free time to create a page, optimize it, create your own content strategy and start generating content. However, if you will be using your accounts regular, the result will come immediately. Today we will talk about Twitter.

This social media has its own advantages and rules, which must be followed by every user. Sometimes developers face problems because:

  • They couldn`t correct their tweets and the only way to avoid mistakes is to delete the post.
  • The number of symbols is limited. Only 140 symbols could be used in one tweet.

However, this is only a small part of the whole process that you will perform during your activity on Twitter. In this article we will look on the most workable ways of embedding your Twitter feed.

What is embedding?

This is not a specialized article, so we will talk on simple words. Embedding is the process of implanting your social media feed (in our example it`s Twitter) into websites, forums and other web pages.

Why do we need it?

Twitter feedTwitter is that rare kind of social media where you have an ability to give reader a short, but informative piece of text. The user won`t spend hours reading it, he can just look through and understand the main idea. Also, Twitter is a great variant to make announcements or just share your own thoughts.

Sidebar plugins and widgets

This is probably the easiest way to embed Twitter feed on the webpage. Here you will have some basic options that gives you a full control of your content. Most of these plugins are made on WordPress, so if you have an experience of working with this system, it will be easier to understand the full process. In our article we will show you the most usable plugins.embed Twitter feed

WP Twitter

WP Twitter is an all-inclusive plugin that created some kind of bridge between WordPress blog and your account in Twitter. With this plugin, you have access to all extra buttons and searching widgets.WordPress Twitter feeds

Twitter Widget with styling

Easy configured Twitter widget, which gives you an ability to match a theme of your webpage or blog. It`s also using the Embedded Timeline Widget that is available on Twitter`s main page.

WordPress Twitter feeds

Here we have another example of easy-in-use Twitter feed widget. With it, you are able to see the latest tweets without a delay. The implementing process is so easy, and after a few clicks you can use it every time.

Easy Twitter feed widget

This plugin will help you to organize all your tweets. Here are some key functions of this plugin:

  • Customizing the link color
  • Customizing border and background color

These simple tools give your webpage a normal look. For example, if you don`t want to hear any whistles or bell rings on the page, this Twitter feed widget is a perfect one.

We must say that comparing to WordPress, Blogger and Tumbler have smaller libraries. However, you shouldn`t panic because you still have a number of good options. If you prefer CMS instead of WordPress, we can show a few additional and manual ways to embed your Twitter feed.

Twitter buttons

Twitter buttonsHow often do you see buttons like “Click to tweet” on different websites? In the last few months developers started using them more often than other functions, so it means that this variant is more profitable.

When you add such button to your website, you give a visitor an opportunity to share a message about your brand or connect with you in Twitter. Don`t forget that feedback is also very important, especially if you work with a big audience.

Here are some examples of Twitter buttons you can use:

  • Sharing a link
  • Following
  • Putting a hashtag
  • Giving a mention

You can choose any of these buttons, and every variant will be right. It only depends on your targets (page activity, getting more likes and shares or increasing the number of subscribers).

Embedded Tweets

If you want to grow your social media community and increase activity, you`d better use a method of embedded tweets. Such tweets are displayed on your blog page, and you only need to complete a few simple steps to finish the job:

  • Locate the embedded tweet
  • Click on the “More” icon dedicated to this tweet
  • In the appearing menu click on the button “Embed tweet”
  • Copy and paste the code provided into your webpage

This embedded code can be used for displaying all kinds of tweets, including messages with photo and video materials or Twitter Cards. If tweet is a part of a conversation, the code will also work. Remember: only videos from YouTube and photos from will be immediately displayed on the embedded tweets.

Embedded video

The process of embedding a video for your blog or site is similar to embedding regular tweets:

  • Locate tweet with the video that need to be embedded
  • Click on the “More” icon located within the tweet
  • Select “Embed video” from the menu
  • Copy and paste the code provided on your website

At the moment that video appears inside your tweet, users will see it. However, to open the full version they must click on the Twitter icon in the lower right corner of the video. Just check this function and make sure it works clearly (better check it from different browsers).


As you see, the process of embedding the Twitter feed to the webpages or forums is not so hard and scary as you thought at the beginning. However, you still need to work on your content to provide good tweets and share qualitative content to your subscribers and blog visitors. We hope you find our article interesting and will use some of our advices during your work.


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