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Since it`s release in 2004, Facebook collected over two millions of users and, of course, in this number of users we can find different demographics. You probably think that it`s just a statistic and you don`t need to pay attention to it. However, it`s not true. Facebook demographics helps us to make a complete analysis of your audience, it`s activity and feedback they give to you.

In this article, we will show you the best Facebook user demographics that could make a huge impact on your social media marketing.

  1. There are over 2 billion of active users on Facebook

According to the statistics on the end of March of 2018, there are over 2.2 billion of active Facebook users. As you see, Facebook is really the largest social media in the world.

  1. A majority of Americans of all ages have accountsFacebook accounts

If we won`t look on the people of age over 65, we will see that users of all age categories have registered accounts on Facebook. Aside from YouTube, no other social channel has such a board take-up range across age groups.

  1. In the United States, Facebook is the most popular with millennials

Facebook accountsThat could be a positive moment for marketers, because since these 25 to 34 years old age range is often their target audience. The same poll found that 82 percent of people in age from 18 to 29 years old and 79 percent of people in age from 30 to 49 have Facebook accounts.

  1. 34 % of teenagers think that Facebook is for “old people”

This may sound a little bit strange, but it`s true – teenagers believe that the largest social media platform was made only for people in age from 50 and higher. However, today we can find many accounts of people in age from 12 to 17.

  1. Most parents are “friends” with their teenage children

Someone say that this is not normal, but parents don`t think so. For them, it`s very important to keep an eye on their children everywhere where it`s possible. Even in social media.

  1. A bigger part of Facebook users lives in cities

Approximately three-in-four US Facebook users say that they are living in urban areas, and only a small part said that they are living in suburban and rural areas. That`s pretty consistent with social media use in general. It`s worth nothing than after YouTube, Facebook has the highest percentage of adults who say they live in rural areas.

  1. The majority of Facebook users is based outside the United States

Well, it`s normal, because Facebook was made for all people from a bigger part of countries in the world. So, if you meet a person from Spain or Portugal who are an active Facebook user, it`s ok.

  1. More than half of Facebook users speak a language other than English

Over 50 percent of the social network`s 2 billion users speak a non-English language. If you know what language your audience speaks, it will be much easier to communicate with them. However, if you will try to communicate in English, it could be a little bit difficult for them.

  1. Aside from English, the most popular languages on Facebook are Spanish, French and Portuguese

A study that examined the most common languages Facebook bots were speaking found that English is not the most popular among the audience. Portuguese, French and Spanish are holding the highest positions. Than we can see Italian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Dutch and German.

  1. Most of Facebook users earn more than $75 000 per year

Such Facebook demographic could help developers and brands to find potential clients who are able to pay for an expensive service. For example, 66 percent of US Facebook users say that they earn more than $30 000 per year. That`s good.

  1. On average, people check Facebook at least 8 times per day

Students during boring lessons, student after classes, adults on a coffee break. The first thing they all do is to pick up a phone and open their Facebook profile. It`s good because if you are developer who needs his posts to be seen regular, that`s the best condition.

  1. Almost half of all users check Facebook with mobile phone

In our days, we can`t imagine a person without a smartphone. It`s normal for people to open an application and look through the posts in the news feed while coming home from work or school. They won`t open the page again while working on the computer, because now it`s unusually for them.


We can continue this list for a long time, so you will get bored of reading all points. We are sure that these twelve points will make you sure that Facebook users demographics plays a huge role for social media developers and marketers. We hope you enjoyed the article and will use this information while working with your business on Facebook.


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