Facebook live stream. A complete guide of using Facebook live for social media marketing.

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Today, social media marketers are using all kinds of information to attract customers and make them buy their goods. However, right now we can see that habitual kinds of information are losing it`s popularity. However, it doesn`t mean that developers need to find something special to pay people`s attention. They could just forget about thing called Facebook live.

What is Facebook live?Facebook live for social media

Facebook live is a free service based on Facebook, which allows you to create a live broadcast to your subscribers. Everyone who will see your broadcast is able to start watching it. Maybe someone can say that such kind of information won`t be optimal for business or marketing sphere. However, it`s not true. Today, in this article we will explain you how you can grow up and promote your business with the help of Facebook live.

How to create a mobile Facebook live video from your business page

It`s not a secret that today people prefer to visit their social media accounts from mobile devices. Why? Well, you can do it much faster than from computer and the only thing you should do is to scroll down the news feed and stop on posts that interest you. So, the first point of our guide will be about creating a live broadcast from a mobile device.

First of all, open the Facebook application on your smartphone. Then, from your news feed, tap “write something”.  Select the point called “Go Live”. add the description of your video and some details (tap the location icon to tag your location if appropriate and tap the face icon if you want to add more information about your kind of activity).

Tap the three dots icon on the right bottom corner, then tap on “Geo Controls” to select the audience for your video. You can use specific criteria to choose your broadcast audience (age, gender, location).

Tap on the button “Live video”, and then on the page “Start live video”.

create a Facebook live videoHow to create a Facebook live video from your personal computer?

There is nothing difficult in this part. Just follow the steps in the instructions, and your video will be ready in a few minutes.

First of all, from the “Create post” box on your news feed, click on the button “Live” or “Live video”. Click on “Camera” to use your computer`s built-in webcam. Choose the place where your video will appear and add your description. In the end, add a title for the video (of course!) and click “Go live”. That`s all! Your video is ready!

During the broadcast, you will be able to see the number of viewers, likes and comments they leave. You can answer to their questions, chat with them and do everything that looks like a live communication. However, if you want to make a really good video that all of your fans will enjoy, you must know some basic tips for Facebook live video. We will tell you about them right here.

  1. Plan your broadcast

Like all social media content, live broadcast should be running on the right time according to your schedule. You can`t just choose a topic and start your video at any moment.

You should plan everything, the topic that you will be talking about, the time that your broadcast will be running and finally – why it`s important to talk about this only in live broadcast. If it`s possible to do this in standard Facebook video, there is no need to spend extra time on making a broadcast.

  1. Be yourself

If the topic comes to Facebook live, people are afraid that they will be looking bad in camera`s objective. They start thinking about special representation of themselves trying to attract viewers and draw their opinion.

You don`t need this. People want to see real person like them who will be talking about important things sharing his own ideas and giving advices (if needed).

  1. Notify followers in advance

Let all your fans know when your Facebook live broadcast starts. Say the day and the exact time. People enjoy when bloggers or developers are doing everything according to the schedule. They have enough time to do all their everyday things, and you have time to prepare yourself for the important task.

  1. Check your internet connection and equipment

No one likes unexpected situations when something goes wrong and you can`t make a normal broadcast because you lost Internet connection or you don`t have something, which must be used during your broadcast.

Make sure that everything is prepared and there is no need to change plans during the video. Make sure that you`ve paid for the Internet and everything that you need in your video is located in room near you. If both of these points are completed, you can start broadcasting.

  1. Engage with your audience

We know that people hate when developers are talking only about themselves and their sphere. They just don`t pay attention to all viewers, they don`t want to answer on their questions or help them to solve some important problems. However, such developers could easily lose their target audience.

To avoid such mistakes, you should communicate with viewers, ask them something or answer to the most popular questions in chat.

What topic should you choose?

We can give a simple answer to this question – work with everything that is important for you. It`s your profile and your broadcast, so you are able to choose what to work with.

Hot topics and trends

What is popular today? Why is it popular? If your sphere of activity has regular changes and it makes a huge impact on you, you must talk about it. Analyze the topic, ask yourself what you will have from this. If it`s valuable, you can work with it. If not, try to find another topic.

News and announcements

We all know how many news are appearing in the social media every day, and your task here is to tell people about the most important things that happened in the world. You don`t need to retell everything – just choose something that worries you the most, and just explain it to your audience.



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