How to get a job in the social media.

Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Everyday we can hear about people who started earning money from the social media. The first question that comes to mind is “How are they doing it?”. How a person who used to work on a regular job (in office, in delivery or somewhere else) just stopped it and turned in to a social media worker? Well, if people want to start doing better things for themselves, they will find the way to reach their target. In this article, we will tell you how to find a job in social media and how to create a perfect social media resume for yourself.

  1. Find the perfect role for yourself

Well, if you came to the social media platform in order to get the job immediately, you will probably fail. The first thing in your plan should be understanding of what you want to do. Work in social media is similar to a regular work in company – each person has a strong position and his/her task is to do all duties that appear in the plan.

In social media, there are six core positions that could be held be a current person:

  • Social media manager
  • Analytics and strategist
  • Content creator
  • Community manager
  • Campaign and promotion creator
  • Social media advertiser and paid promotion creator

Of course, it`s not the perfect list. In small companies, where the number of workers is a little bit smaller, some of these positions could be mixed, and in the end, you will have two or three positions. However, you should keep in mind that if you want to work in the social media, you should be ready to hold one position from this list.

  1. Establish your social media presence

The next thing, which is important in getting a job in social media is, of course, social media activity. A lot depends on what you are posting and when you are posting. When developers are looking for a new worker to hire, they pay attention to the social media activity. If they see that you are posting at least twice per week, and your post are made of your own photos without any descriptions, it is a high possibility that you won`t get a job as a social media worker. Change the situation. Show them that you enjoy working with the platform and your content is interesting for people (they put likes to your posts and leave comments).

  1. Know your stuff

We know that you can`t have an experience in your sphere if you have just came to it, but you should clearly understand what you will do. For example, if you will work as a content creator, you need to practice before giving your manager a product of your work. Try to write something that refers to your sphere and show this to your friends or colleagues. If there are some mistakes, you`d better correct them before posting in blog or social media account. With such trainings, you will improve your skills and your content will be qualitative and readable.

How to create a good resume?best examples of social media

This question becomes crucial when people start talking about job in the social media. However, everything isn`t so hard, and you don`t need to do something extra hard to create a good resume. First of all, add all personal information that could interest an employer (age, country, native language, personal interests etc.). Then, write a few sentences about a specific branch where you want to work. Manager must know what do you want to do and how he can use your skills in the company`s mechanism. Very important: you must show that you know something in this sphere, and this knowledge will let you work without any problems.


That`s all! We`ve given a complete answer on a very difficult question about getting a job in the social media. You`ve asked – we`ve answered. Hope you`ll find your position in the social media industry. Good luck.


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