The best ways to get more retweets on Twitter

more retweets
Dmytro Polishchuk
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get more retweets

Twitter. A non-standard social media with it`s own advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, you can immediately get needed information from other user`s messages, you can follow celebrities, bloggers, sportsmen and other famous persons without problems. On the other hand, you have this annoying limit – only 140 symbols. 140 symbols, Karl! Maximum five normal messages without points and comas. Sometimes you can`t even form your thoughts right because of this limit.

However, it`s possible to grow on Twitter and the most workable method for this is an option of retweets. We should notice that we won`t talk about messages because it`s a form of connection between people.

With retweets, you are able to share a tweet from every person`s page without limit and, as a result, increase his/her visibility. However, don`t believe that users will start retweeting your posts from the first seconds. If you are a beginner in this social media and you want to get more retweets, you should make your account popular. How can you do this? With the help of retweets!

In this article we will show you the best and workable methods of getting a huge number of retweets from your page.

Follow celebritiesmore retweets

If you signed up in Twitter or every other social media, the first thing that you can do is to follow famous people. Such persons as Stephen Kind, Donald Trump, Robert Downey Jr or anyone else always have some good words to say.

Start reading them and retweet their posts from time to time. Your subscribers will pay attention to such kind of activity and start reading your own tweets. Than, as you thought, you will get retweets.

retweetsCreate an unusual profile

Every social media user wants to bring something special to the global feed. And, if we are talking about popular accounts, we must admit that they always have something special. It could be an unusual profile description, or non-standard main photo etc. there must be something that will make the difference between you and everyone else. Keep it in mind while singing up in tweeter, because sometimes people create second account to make it better and get more subscribers.

Use images in your tweets

Most of the users could agree that 140 symbols isn`t enough to write a normal message. Sometimes we need to complete it, add the main detail or show people what we are talking about. What should we do? We should add images. Why? Here are some key points:

  • Images draw people`s attention better than just text message (even if it`s written well)
  • Images could help us to diversify our feed
  • It`s easy to pick up a right image for your tweets.

With these points you have more chances to get more retweets and make yourself more popular than earlier.

Mix your content

We`ve mentioned images as a new sort of content for your tweets. However, it`s not the end. Adding other sorts of content helps us to attract users and show them that we are not regular readers who use Tweeter as a newspaper. How about videos? Just add your video to the tweet (you can add text as a description to this video) and your post will be more informative.


With this kind of information, you are able to post tweets without text. You don`t need it, because infographics includes text and images in one block of information. To get more retweets from your infographic, you can create it on your own. There are many free and simpe tools where you can create your own infographic.

Share links from other social media posts

For example, if you have a YouTube account and you want to increase your audience with the help of Tweeter, you can share links on your most popular videos with short description. People will pay attention to it and, probably follow you. Then, if they enjoy your tweets, they will retweet them.

Write good tweets

Commonplace, but strong rule about Tweeter`s content. You have only 140 symbols to generate something good and if you want this to be retweeted, you should write really good tweets. Some people can do it good from the first try, but if you haven`t worked with texts before, you should pay attention to every new tweet. Read it for a few times before posting, do double-checking. Of course, you can delete it just after posting, but you can`t do it every time.

Click on real-time events in Tweeter

Do you know how to become popular on Tweeter? Start watching TV! In fact, it`s one of the most workable ways to get more tweets from your accounts. The only thing you should do is to choose the right TV show that your subscribers watch. The main advantage of this method is that you can tweet with them instead of tweeting for them. It`s a real-time activity! Today, the most popular shows are:

  • The Walking Dead
  • Fear the Walking Dead
  • Gotham
  • Game of Thrones (last season coming soon)
  • Doctor Who
  • The Big Bang Theory

In fact, there is no limit of choosing a TV show. All you need to is to be active during the broadcast.

Use Hashtags

The most important part of activity in Twitter and, in fact, all social media that we use. Hashtags help us to share our content through the news feed, to increase visibility of our account and, in final, get more retweets.

People often use hashtags to search for something which is really important for them. If you generate informative content on the topics like science, history or economic, you can put a hashtag at the end of your tweet to help people in their searching.

Of course, you need to know what are you writing about to give people checked information.

Final thoughts

In fact, the main role of retweets is to share information between users to increase the whole social media activity. Even famous persons, who have millions of subscribers and regular readers always try to work on their content. They use right hashtags, add thematical images, share interesting articles by putting a link to their tweet and, of course, retweet messages of other people to share good thoughts.

In the end of our article we want you to share only good and positive content that will interest people. Don`t be the regular user, try to make something special for everyone. Good luck and see you soon.


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