How to Get Traffic From Pinterest

Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Pinterest service will be useful to anyone who uses bright, unusual, attractive and original images on the sites. Also, images for any site can be simply created, using original and curious elements. It means Pinterest can add traffic to any resource, including a blog, forum, media, etc. We will talk about the main ways to get Pinterest traffic.

How to generate traffic


  1. Rich Pins.Rich Pins

To successfully attract visitors to Pinterest, you need to activate Rich Pins for your site. What are Rich Pins? When someone wants to share an image from your site, an expanded description of your page will be displayed on Pinterest. It will look like this:

  1. User-friendly interface.

traffic from PinterestThe page on which you want to receive traffic from Pinterest must be adapted to mobile devices. The reason is that 80% of users of this social network use it from smartphones and tablets.

  1. High-quality images.

Pinterest has a tough competition, so all the visual characteristics of the images must be on top. Photos and pictures must have a bright color range and adequately represent your resource in the eyes of other users.

  1. Descriptions.

DescriptionsDescriptions are as important as the images themselves. When you share an image from the promoted site on Pinterest, be sure to write its description in order to use the necessary search query in it. By default, the description of the image may be very small in size and does not contain the desired search query.

Pins with small descriptions of 50-150 words work best. It is ineffective to publish pins without any descriptions.

  1. Interests of users.

The service has a search system by category and search line. With their help, you can find popular topics among the users. You can also choose where to look: among boards, people, etc. The information obtained will allow you to evaluate what is popular among Pinterest users and what original ideas can be offered on your own boards.

  1. Group Boards.

The key to success on Pinterest is to work correctly with group boards. These are groups in which some participants (authors) can publish their pins.

It should be borne in mind that not everyone can publish pins in it, only authors. The number of authors on the board is much less than the number of its followers. To get into the coveted number of authors, you need to ask them for permission. If they agree, you can add your own pins. This will positively affect the number of your subscribers.

  1. New pins.

To get targeted traffic, you need to keep your account in a “live” state, that is, constantly create new pins. It is good when not only images from you are reposted, but you do the same, especially for popular network users. Constantly update with a fresh and interesting material.

  1. Communication with subscribers.

When you have the first followers, start communicating with them. First of all, make repins of interesting images from their accounts, this will increase your popularity and allow you to increase traffic.

  1. Pinterest button.

Pinterest buttonWhen promoting yourself on Pinterest, it’s helpful to install a button for this network on your website. In this way, visitors of your resource will be able to pin images on Pinterest, additionally helping to promote the resource and get traffic. And this is completely free.

  1. Pinterest Mailing List

Pinterest independently helps to increase the number of visits: the service sends an e-mail to all registered users. For example, the site sends letters inviting to see new original pins. If your pictures are interesting, unusual and useful to people, there is a chance to get into such a newsletter that will help increase the flow of visitors to the site.

With the help of these simple tips, you can easily gain a large audience and promote your page.


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