How to get verification on Twitter? Complete guide

verification on Twitter
Dmytro Polishchuk
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When we visit social media profiles of celebrities, brands or famous sportsmen, we can see a small blue tick near their profile name. it`s called a verification mark. If you have this mark, it means that your profile is legitimate and you are a real person. However, you can`t get this mark just after creating a profile. You must show regular activity, post interesting content and have a high number of followers. However, these tips don`t work for all social media platforms. For example, if you want to get verification on Twitter, you need to complete an unusual verification process, and in this article, we will show you how to do it.

  1. Fill out a Twitter`s verification request formTwitter`s verification

This is the first step on our way to the verification mark. Remember that you need to log in on your Twitter account to fill out this form. In order your account to be considered for verification, make sure that your profile includes these points:

  • A verified phone number. It`s needed to confirm your identity and associate your online persona with your offline entity.
  • A confirmed email address. Twitter says that if account belongs to a company or organization, the email should also belong to this current company or organization.
  • A bio. To get verified, you must give basic information about yourself.
  • A profile photo. Another point that you shouldn`t ignore. Make sure that your Twitter profile photo matches with the photos from Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (if you have all these accounts).
  • A header photo. When considering brands for verification, Twitter holds those that have a fully completed profiles. With an incomplete profile you have very small chances on getting a verification mark.
  • Your birthday. If it`s your personal account, you should add this information in bio. Like your phone number, it helps Twitter to confirm your identity and give you more chances to get verification.
  • Your website. Again, if you are holding a brand, organization or company and you have a website, you should add it to the profile`s bio, so people are able to see what are you working with.
  • Tweets set to “public”. It`s hard to be a public figure if you have private tweets, so just show yourself to the world!

Now, when you have made double-checking and sure that you complete all points, you`ll be asked to enter the username of the account and you would like to verify. If you want to verify a business account, don`t forget to put a check mark on the bottom of the page.

  1. Fill in the missing requirementstwitterverification

You need to optimize your Twitter account before going to this point, because the system will check everything. If you have some points that should be refined, you should refine them. It`s like a test at school – you should check everything before handing your paper in.

  1. Enter websites as References

The third part in our verification process is to enter up five websites that can be used to identify you and associate your personality with the Twitter account. As your website is listed in your bio, you don`t need to enter it again.

The better decision will be to add additional websites that help Twitter to verify your identity. It`s good for you here to share links of websites that show proof of your public influence. For example, you can pick up high-traffic web pages or instances of appearances in the news.

  1. Make the case why you should be verified on Twitter

At this point of application form, you must show Twitter a reason why your account should be verified.

If you`re applying as an individual, show your audience and impact that you make on them. For companies, organizations and brands, highlight your mission and show what you are doing to achieve it.

You have only 500 characters to make a case, so focus on the main things and avoid thinking.

  1. Submit your verification request

Once you`ve carefully confirmed the validity of the information you want to submit, the only thing you can do now is wait. When the decision will be made, you will receive an email with the answer. If you see that @verified account follows you, you can relax, because you`ve just got your verification check mark.

However, if your request is rejected, you still have an opportunity to apply after 30 days. Also remember that Twitter accounts that do not follow Twitter terms and conditions can have their verified badges reworked.


It`s good to have your account verified on every social media, especially on Twitter. Your followers know that you are a real person, and you can be sure that you won`t lose your audience. You can work, chat, sell goods and make deals with other companies and brands, because you`ve just got a verification on Twitter.


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