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Google business profile reporting
Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
Content Marketing Manager
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29 Jun 2022

Managing your Google Business Profile (GBP) heavily impacts your visibility on Google Search and Google Maps. And as with most things in marketing, continual analysis and optimization are critical to success. However, constantly checking all the key metrics is time-consuming enough for a single location, let alone across dozens of locations or clients.

That’s where robust GBP Reporting comes in. Meet a brand-new, customizable bird’s-eye view of your GBP listing performance, with all metrics that matter under one roof, in bulk or for each of the individual listings.

Now, with GBP Reporting from PromoRepublic, you can track how many people visit your website, request directions, or call after seeing your listing on Google.

Why GBP tracking is vital to getting more customers:

  1. The majority of people search and discover brands on Google.
    Google takes over 85% of the search market share and is the ultimate search referrer for more than 50% of shoppers.
  2. GBP helps you be found online – and offline.
    Information from your GBP appears in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping, showing searchers where and how to reach your business.
  3. Monitoring the search landscape keeps you aware of any new opportunities and challenges.
    Knowing how customers discover and interact with your GBP listing gives an insight into what’s working and what isn’t, allowing you to check your progress over a period of time.

Google reporting PromoRepublic

What data is shown in GBP Reporting?

  • What your average rating, last review, and response dates are
  • How people find your business: direct, indirect, or branded search
  • How customers contact you: via Google Search or Google Maps
  • How they interact: visit the website, request directions, or call you
  • Which photos they click: uploaded by owner or customers.

GBP reporting search maps

With our new dashboard, you’ll be able to quickly assemble all your GBP insights into one ready-for-export report. To explore more on Google search optimization, jump to our CMO Peer Talk discussion ‘How to Convert Google Searches to In-store Sales.’

The update is available for all pricing plans.

Small businesses can find out exactly how visitors find and interact with their listings and improve their sales funnels where needed.
Marketing agencies can give clients a full overview of their local performance and prove ROI with professional reports.
Multi-location businesses can pull out data for select locations or combine and compare the performance of multiple locations.

To get the latest data on your GBP performance directly on the platform, connect your GBP profile to PromoRepublic and oversee data coming from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest within one tool.

And that’s not all. Meet the next version of Local SEO Reporting that includes Local Competitive Intelligence very soon! This data will show where your brand and locations stand in the local competition for targeted keywords. Stay tuned for more updates!

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