How to grow a small business with social media?

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Today people don`t understand that small business is probably the most profitable kind of businesses in the world. Mangers and developers are trying to focus on huge projects hoping to get more clients and, as a result, a huge income.

However, in present days small business could give us much more than we think, but people can`t realize it`s possibilities. Clients always need some usual services like room in a hostel or a cup of coffee in small café on the side of the road. In our days, the rhythm of life is very quick, so people are moving from one point to another and, of course, they need such things.

grow a small business

The most convenient way to grow a small business is to share it in the social media. Of course, you can pay a lot of money for the PR and advertising campaign, and, probably, people will pay attention to your project. But social media has some extra advantages that could help you to grow your small business. Let`s talk about them here.

Use hashtags

You can find everything that you need by using hashtags. People often mark their posts in social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to gain more views and subscribers. You can do the same thing, and it will help your small business to grow up. Use as much hashtags as possible and people will see your posts. However, you also must give the right description to your post.

рост вашего малого бизнеса

Watch for your opponents

Every developer must understand that he will have competitors in his sphere. It doesn`t matter how popular or profitable it is, everyone wants to be the best in his job. The growing of a small business through the social media couldn`t happen without rivalry, so you must be ready to work.

If you see that clients start working with your opponents, you need to analyze their profiles in the social media and look on your weaker points. The profile in the social media (for example, Instagram) is the face of your job, so it must be perfect.

growing your business with social media

Pay attention on the statistic

The statistic is very important if we are talking about small business and it`s income. You need to know how much have you earned during a specific period of time or how many people visited your website or how many customers entered your shop. It can help you to improve your small business.

Create a perfect small business`s social media pages

That`s important because these pages are the face of your business. When customer clicks on your page for the first time, he/she wants to see something unusual, something that won`t look like the other similar pages.

Think about the design, make it look like in the magazine – bright colors, fresh and beautiful images, interesting descriptions without unimportant information.

However, you should remember – it`s not a web-site where every page must be looking similar to the others. Your task is to interest your customer, to make him go and buy your service or product. That`s why you are working with the social media to grow your small business.

ways to grow business

Connect with the customers. Talk with them

Sometimes it`s annoying when you want to buy something in a store and the only thing you can do is to click on the buttons.

People enjoy the moments when they could change something in services they use. For example, they can fill in the form in the shop or while sitting down in the café. If they want to change something that could improve this place or service in the future, it`s cool. Also, when customers leave their reviews in the social media, they can describe your small business in details (what is good for it and what must be changed or made better). Remember that client is always right, so if he/she wants your business looking different, you should change something.

If developer payed attention to the customer`s reviews and made some changes, it will be another big step of growing a small business with the social media.

what is social media for business

Work with images – your stuff must be looking great!

It doesn`t matter what kind of business do you have – shop, café, hotel or motel, delivery or other regular service. When customer have entered your page in the social media, the first thing that he thought about is how your product looks like. Description doesn`t matter at all – the image is on the first place.

Of course, if you want to get good images for your social media, you should have good camera and a right place to make photos. Or you should hire a photographer.

Track trends with social media. It`s easy!

The world is changing every day and you must be ready to face these changes. Trends are very important for every sort of business, so if you want to be on the top of the board, you should know about every trend that came to the market.

The core thing is that people start following trends only when these trends become actual. You must find the perfect time when the activity of customers will be on the highest level. During this period, you should start some activity – adding new goods to your shop, make sale or special price, everything that could help you to expand the audience. The bigger audience you have, the better place you small business will have on the market.

Mix it all up!

Well, now you know the basic points of how to use different social media to grow your small business. However, how to use them all correct to get the result as fast as possible?

First, make a plan of your pages in every single social media. Each of them has different possibilities and functions, so you should pick up the right content for each page (images, text, hashtags).

Second, add every new publication regular to keep traffic on the same level. For example, if visitor sees new posts every twelve hours, he/she know that it`s possible to find something good there.

Third, be creative. Your business must be the best in the sphere, so you should work hard to get the result. If you have found new good idea for growing your small business with the help of social media, you should realize it before other developers came to it. And, of course, follow the trends, because they play a huge role today. Don`t lose the moment.

We hope that this article was interesting and helpful for you and you will use it while working with your projects!



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