How to edit which likes will be featured in your Facebook page`s timeline? Simple formula

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How to edit which likes will be featured in your Facebook page`s timeline? Simple formula

Many people think that Facebook is the greatest social media in the world. And, you know, the are right at some point. Smart interface, comfortable manager, option of giving live broadcast and many other features that could be used by everyone.

However, everyday we can see someone trying to optimize his/her Facebook profile and news feed. People want to control their posts, news and recommendations, which came out of the system.

One of the most popular topics today is Facebook Page`s “Featured Likes”. These are your liked posts which then appear to Facebook visitors on the near the top of your own Facebook Page Timeline.

We`ve mentioned how important it is to like other user`s pages when you create a business profile for company or brand. With such activity you are able to get more connections and expand the circle of potential customers. So how to edit your Facebook page`s timeline?Facebook Page`s

The first important thing is that you are able to choose the exact pages which would be featured on your Timeline. To do this, you need to scroll to the top of your page, click to the button named “Edit Page”. Then you will see the drop-down menu that appears on the page. In this menu you should choose “Update info”.

The next step will be to click on the button “Featured”. It will appear on the next page with the navigation options.

From this page, you can click to “Edit Featured likes” to… edit your Facebook likes. Then just look on the ticks next to the pages that you want to be featured. If you don`t need some pages to be featured, you need to uncheck the checkmarks.

So, this is the whole process. We don`t think that this is something extra difficult, but some users often forget about such function. We hope you`ll use it to edit your likes on the Facebook page.


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