How to Market Your Marketing Agency in 2021 [+ Free Webinar]

Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
Content writer and blog editor at PromoRepublic
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10 Nov 2021

When we create something new, the main aim of any project is to promote it and get more profit.

You can have quality staff and an excellent strategy of work, but it’s all nothing without good promotion. Marketing is a very fast-changing industry and that’s why you always need to be in connection with the promotion of your brand. Marketing agencies need to integrate the right processes and follow their strategies. 

When you have your own marketing agency, it’s easy to lose yourself in clients and their needs and also forget about promoting your agency as a brand, business, and cool place to work with. It’s really important to remember that every day lots of your potential competitors appear and you should be interested in creating a good look for your agency. 

So, how can and what should we do to be chosen by a client among other marketing agencies? Let’s check some offers on how to market your marketing agency.

Mouth Marketing 

It’s older than dinosaurs, but… People trust recommendations from their friends and information that they get from people, not from advertising. The study found that 84% of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends about products. Work for results and quality. These two things should make your clients satisfied and they will bring new clients to you because of good reviews. Never miss deadlines, put life into work, and communicate with clients. Communication is one of the most important things in your relationships with clients!


Well, hello, we also have a blog and think that it’s an amazing place to share some thoughts and experiences. It will bring new customer segments and knowledge for zero costs. Also, you can invite some interesting specialists and bloggers who can create useful content for potential customers. Here you should pay, but the result would be great if you choose the correct bloggers with the same vibe in your agency.

Also, you can publish your articles and content on other websites to share your experience with new audiences and show that you are well acquainted with the industry. For example, you can visit Social Media Today ( and ProBlogger ( These sites have good traffic so many people will see your content and appreciate it. Don’t forget to put the link to your own site, this will improve your SEO.


Website is like the face of your company in this digital era. Make sure that your website is friendly to customers — nobody wants to waste time trying to deal with something difficult on the internet. Take the time to put together a thoughtful brand and a cohesive, professional website. You can find top-notch templates for SquareSpace and WordPress that’ll make your site appear as if you spent thousands on developers. Your site should include your portfolio and the potential client would see all the interesting things for him in one place. 


Networking is good for your business and its a fact. Plan to attend some events where you can communicate with different people and get new contacts. It’s a good opportunity to find new potential partners, to talk about business, and think about collaboration. Seems that if that person with whom you got acquainted needs advice about marketing, he would contact you. 

Social Media

Nowadays social media is not only the place where people communicate and waste time. It’s a good tool to be in contact with the audience and sell your service. Regular sharing information about your company’s progress and useful information that shows you from the professional side is too good for your brand. The best way to build your marketing agency through social media is by being very active on Twitter. There you can get lots of organic traffic without any payments for advertising. Follow interesting people, reply to them, show yourself and you will be noticed. Twitter users are really good with sharing content, especially if it’s really good. 

Content Marketing and SEO 

Content marketing is also a powerful thing. Quality content can create a good history for your brand and make it more attractive to people. 

  1. Showcases thought leadership to website visitors
  2. Increases organic search results and targets relevant keywords, which exponentially builds traffic to your website from qualified buyers
  3. Drives website visits back to your site from social media and gives you your own content to share on your social media profiles
  4. Provides you with the opportunity to build premium content pieces that can be gated, if you choose, to collect a lead list
  5. Builds a newsletter list of customers and potential customers, which you can then utilize to spread the news about your agency

Outline Your Marketing Goals, Strategy, and Tactics

Always remember that we work for the client so we usually need to understand who are our audience and for what we are doing all this work. When you are able to answer questions like these (and also your team agrees with all of these answers), your team will be prepared to strategically define what your goals are and how you will reach them. Initial strategies will be outlined, tactics will be chosen, and finally, your creative team can get the wheels in motion and do what they do best. Creativity is one of the main parts of marketing. Be creative!

Finding brand ambassadors is really hard. And who can tell about the company better than your employees? If you’ve been having a difficult time building a following that regularly engages with your business and shares your content, consider asking your employees to pick up the slack.

People usually share something from their workplaces on social, so we can use their accounts as a platform for promoting our agency. Their audience will get content and information from people they trust. 

Time Management

If you are good with time management, you can call yourself lucky. Clt of productivity must be destroyed, but if you can share your tasks during a day and even weeks — it can help you. Build a plan for the day to catch all the tasks and don’t lose something. When your mind is clean, you will do more useful things for your company. Don’t try to follow all the tasks at the same time. Studies have shown that we have higher willpower, self-control, and focus in the first three hours after we wake up. Just saying!

We share our opinion about how to market your marketing agency. But also as a bonus, we have an excellent webinar on How to Market Your Agency As Well As Your Clients. It’s free and very useful. You will learn:

  • How to outline an agency promotion plan
  • What ways of promoting the agency can be
  • How to add in alternative revenue streams
  • Tips and examples for optimizing the process of promoting an agency

And the speaker is Dylan Hey — Co-Founder at HeyDigital Agency, Host of The SaaS Marketing Show, Agency Growth Expert.

“Marketing agency that doesn’t know how to market themselves is kinda ironic. And it’s not rare. Usually agencies that help people to promote their product couldn’t do it for themselves.” (с)

Hope that after this article you will find your way and market your agency so well as you do it for other people. Share with us your stories and experiences!


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