How to use visual content in your social media strategy? The smartest ways.

Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

Over time, people realized that they could grow their business with the help of social media. They use different methods called social media strategies to draw user`s attention and gain more views and visits.

However, if we are talking about popular social media like Facebook or Instagram, we need to realize that people don`t want to read long articles, analyze it and find important information. Everything is turning into visual content. Why? Partly because creators don`t want to spend their time writing texts about their product, but the main reason is that visual content is more susceptible for users in social media. If you read a long article with 500 or more words, you will probably forget a bigger part of it. So, the visual content gives us more impact then text. But how can we use it? Here we have some good examples.

Use different kinds of content. Mix them

You should understand that part of the Internet users probably doesn’t know all aspects of your business, so they could miss something. To avoid problematical situations, you need to begin with the educational content. At this part you show customers what you are doing and what they can do with your goods or services. Regular users will probably skip this block of information, but beginners will need it.

visual content

Then, you should add some entertaining content. Seriously, we are not laws and we are not talking about huge problems. Our task is to give people things they need. Entertaining social media visual content will attract customers, and they will pay attention to your work. However, don`t turn it to a media marketing

Finally, give your audience a part of utility content. With it, they will know how to make the right decision.

Use infographics, not only images

Infographic is probably the most informational part of visual content. Formally, it`s a picture with different graphics and small descriptions (from 5 to 8 words). When people see something like that, they understand where is the key information and what they should remember.


However, you need to create or pick up the right infographic that belongs to your topic.

Post video messages

Someone may say that people don`t have time to watch videos. Ok, it`s true, but we don`t want them to watch. They should just listen. You can make your video material like an audio message with some images on the background. If person wants to watch, he/she can do it, but if it`s more comfortable to listen, this option is also available.

That is it! We showed you core points of the visual content and told you how it could be used in social media marketing. Each method works well, so you will se the result very quickly. Good luck!


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