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How twitter works

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 The alike Contents Across Multiple Accounts

“Do not post the alike contents or alike contents across multiple accounts.” You’ve viewed this occur. You sign in Twitter and nourish is full of alike tweets from multiple accounts. Automation is the respond and Twitter has done it amply clean to all social media management services what the decision is. “Do not at one time post alike contents to multiple accounts.” Posting the alike contents to multiple accounts right away is not permitted.

Here’s how to make it inside Post Planner

  • Go to Post and append tweet – select one profile where the contents will come from.reuse contents twitter

Now join every of Twitter accounts to mobile devices.

To append extra accounts:

  • In the top menu, tap profile sign.
  • From here you may Build new account or Append an existent account.
  • Once you’ve appended extra account(s), you can switch among them by long-press profile sign.
  • You can also switch accounts from top menu by tapping profile sign, then tapping the smaller, extra profile sign(s) next to the more sign.

Twitter accounts2: Posting Alike Contents Again

“You can not post understudied or substantially alike Tweets on one account or over multiple accounts you operate.”

Allow me provide you an sample of how you can be applying this. Let’s talk you’re a blogger and wish to tweet top blog posts for all forever… or at least until they’re no longer time to post

Instead of posting the title of article every time apply contents within products, posts or landing pages to alter it up.

Step 1: Separate the Best Kind of Contents at Best Time

The whole idea behind this first step is to revise and  reuse contents without applying the similar post ever again. Here you’re going to connect best time to post to the various kinds of contents.

Step 2. Separate the Right Mix of Contents for Auditorium

Once you’ve chosen the best time to post, it’s time to attach in contents. Here you’re going to involve everything from infographics to podcasts, images and videos. The easy method to make this is to discard through top trade contents. Go to Google Search Console and click on Search Traffic – Search Analytics. Now supervise “Position.”   Construct three variants of every title and fell those into Twitter accounts within Post Planner. Once you have from fifteen till twenty tweets from contents, now it’s time to append in another people’s contents. Come up to “Find” in Post Planner to begin searching.

Post PlannerHere you can do two things:

  1. Finding by Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, Instagram keywords or hashtagsTwitter profiles

As you search, you may retain this contents promptly into account.

  1. Searching on the basis of the folders already constructed in Post Planner

Now you’re seeking images, articles that are corresponding to auditorium and have already carried out well. It will then get from one till five stars on the basis of virality – a combination of interplay involving likes, comments and retweets.

This contents is designed to aid you build a healthful blend of contents, plus:

  • Append value to auditoriumthe best time to post
  • Increase interaction
  • Boost the achieve of tweets
  • Gain more comments, likes, retweets and clicks

Grasp their URL, attach it to the searching bar, and click the  reference to attach it to “My Content” part in Post Planner.

auditorium TwitterFrom here, you may commence to sort contents within folders. This makes it easily to drag all of contents into one location, calculate it on the basis of popularity, and lightly attach it to line. A easy method to make this is to consider of the top five topics you’re known for. Then take those topics and build folders.

In this photoplay, you’ve appended contents into Post Planner, searched  from the scientific point of view demonstrated contents to divide through the application, retained favorite resources and blogs, and sorted for easily separating.


Once you have contents finished, append the most corresponding hashtags to each tweet. This strategics has also to evolve to remain by the renewed Twitter guidelines. Back in the day, you might have reduplicated the similar group of hashtags again. But that strategics wasn’t the best strategics and here’s why. When you employ the similar group of hashtags on each tweet, you’re restricting achieve. You’re only setting contents to that group. The better strategics is to exchange up the two or three hashtags you employ within tweet, configuring them to the precise contents. The key to applying hashtags right is in the personification. Exchange it up and preserve it fresh, but be convinced the relevance to auditorium and contents is there.

You can employ Twitter to get and post messages to a network of contacts. Instead of dispatching a text messages or dozen e-mails, you dispatch one message to Twitter account, and the service expands it to all followers.

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