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Richard Pritchard Reading time: 4 minutes

The most important skills for a social media manager job description

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Today, it`s hard to find a good job. Someone can say that it sounds strange – there are millions of advertisements about a free vacation on different websites, forums and social media groups. However, if you have an advertisement it doesn`t mean that people will run to you with their summaries. How do you think, where is the key of drawing people`s attention? Yes, it`s social media job description, and today we will be talking about it.

Why it`s important?

If you want to hire a social media manager for your company, you should give him a clear understanding about his responsibilities and tasks – he should do his own job. Of course, if you want to hire a social media manager with multiple skills, your job description should contain a full pack of all skills that are needed here. In this article, we will show you six skills that every social media job description should contain.

  1. Seo knowledgeSeo knowledge

While often believed to be a divided area, SEO means a lot for your social media strategy. If social media manager knows how to work with SEO and how to optimize it, you are a real winner, because search engine optimization means a lot for every social media plan.

As marketing approaches with inbound focuses, SEO Facebook or other social networks has the ability to bring your customers and audience members to you with the potential to build actual relationships and communicating with them.

  1. Social media expertise

It`s seems obvious that your social media manager must have social media skills. What does it mean? It means that he must know what type of content works better for every platform that you are working with, how to rebuild an advertising campaign if it doesn`t work anymore or how to mix content for social media to attract more visitors and get a massive feedback.

The skill of social media expertise is an important point in social media manager`s summary, so be ready to check his skills.

  1. Customer service specialists

The next important thing about social media manager`s job is the point of customer service specialist`s skills. He should know how to build communication with customers and audience members. You don`t need to ignore people`s comments or suggestions (if you created a questioning and want to know their opinion, you shouldn’t ignore their answers). If you continue posting content that people don`t like, it means that their opinion doesn`t mean anything for you.

  1. Social media management tool master

If football player is a master of his game, it means that he is a good player. If social media manager is a master of tools he uses, it means that he is a great specialist. If you think that there is no need to hire a social media manager for your project, think again. Are you ready to spend weeks training with every program and tool to start working? I think you won`t have time for this. However, with social media manager you won`t have such problems, because he already knows everything about tools, programs and plugins that are used in his work.

  1. Copywriting skills

This point isn`t as important as SEO knowledge or social media expertise skills, but if you want your goods to be solved, you need a person with good copywriting skills. This person will give you:

  • Completed product descriptions
  • Interesting messages to contact customers
  • Specific text posts about your brand

When your client sees it, he realizes that he is working with really good brand or company, which cares about it`s customers and give them full information about products they buy.

  1. Visual intelligence

A point of visual content is crucial for company posts. For example, with the right image selected for the post means that this post will probably get hundreds of reposts and likes, and with it`s help more people will know about your brand.

A social media manager should also have knowledge of design in order to create visually appealing graphics to coordinate with appropriate posts-a skill that is incredibly valuable in today`s media landscape.

Final words

So, here we are with the most important things that you should know about your potential social media manager. If you see that he has all this skills in his arsenal, it`s time to call him and start working.

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