The most important things to increase your Instagram engagement

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Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

You see that your competitors have a better engagement on Instagram? You want to be better than they are? Read this article, and you will know how to increase your Instagram engagement.

It`s all about engagement…

Today it`s normal for marketers to fight for the clients, because clients are giving us traffic, clients buy our goods and clients form our target audience. So, we must do everything to draw their attention and make them engage with out content on Instagram. Here are the most workable methods that will help you to increase your engagement on Instagram.

Engage with followers

The first step is an easy one. If you users to engage with your content, you need to engage with them, too. The regular activity of your profile shows that you pay attention to your audience and their thoughts are important for them. Respond to as many comments as possible, like qualitative posts and respond to the important messages from followers. If they want to know your point of view or to ask something about your business, why not to answer?

Post Instagram stories with call-to-actionInstagram stories with call-to-action

With Instagram stories, people have got one more option for promotion and increasing their Instagram engagement. While someone will post some unnecessary photos or videos, you can use it in a better way.

For example, if your business is a clothing shop and you are planning to make discounts on most of your goods, you can tell people about it! Just post a photo of the new collection and add CTA button, so they will swipe up the page and enter the website of your store. One move, and you only need to wait when clients will buy something.

If you want to be sure that your story won`t be ignored, you can add some short phrases like “Don`t miss it” or “The new collection is coming to the shop” to draw people`s attention. Most users don`t pay attention to simple photos, so you should add something to make it visible.

Promote across other social media platforms

Ok, you are working with Instagram, but who bans you from a global promotion across other social media platforms? You should remember that a part of your audience is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms you use.

When you are posting an image to your timeline on Instagram, simply choose to share it on all other platforms, so people will see this post and, probably, subscribe you on Instagram.

Make partnership with creatorsInstagram engagement

Here`s one rule that all users forget – if you want to have a huge Instagram engagement, your content should be non-standard, and we are not talking about different kinds of images and videos. You should turn your account into a place where people will be able to see something that they`ve never seen before.

Connect with creators and ask them for cooperation. You can promote their goods, and you can promote their account and say that they are creating really good and qualitative products. After such promoting campaign, clients of this brand will pay attention to your profile and, probably, subscribe it.

Time your posts

Another way to increase your engagement is to find perfect time for posting. If your content will appear on the right moment, you have all chances o get as many likes, comments and shares as possible. Analyze your audience and find out when they are the most active and when they are not using Instagram. With this information, it will be easier to select the time for posting.

So, here it is. We showed you the simplest methods of increasing engagement on Instagram. You don`t need to pay for, it, you don`t need to have any extra skills. It`s just about timing your posts, connecting with big brands and engaging with your followers. Do it, you will see the result.


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