Instagram banners: why you should use them?

Instagram banners
Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

Instagram banners. Probably the most non-standard type of Instagram content, which became popular among all user – from bloggers, celebrities and actors to brands, business companies and organizations. If someone posts a banner to his/her timeline, it means that this person definitely wants to diversify his/her page.

However, some users still don`t understand why this tendency became so popular today and why people are using this type of content regularly. To give an answer to this thesis, we`ve prepared an article, where you will find out why Instagram banners is popular among users and show you the best forms of these giant images.

Why Instagram banners are so popular?

It`s an unusual sort of content

We are sure that you had situations when you don`t want to post simple images or videos. Yes, they still can bring you a massive engagement and interest your subscribers, but if you see that it`s time to add something new, you definitely need to create an Instagram banner.

It’s a memorable contentIt’s a memorable content

With the banner in your timeline, you know that people will remember your profile and return here to look on the banner again. If you posted in one year ago, it will be good to share this memorable moment in Instagram story.

How to create an Instagram banner

Select the right concept

If you think that it`s time to post an Instagram banner, you should understand how it will be looking like. Decide how big your images will be, what part of the banner will be on each photo and, finally, how many images do you need. There are different variants of Instagram banners with 6, 9 or even 12 images.

Edit photosEdit photos

Each photo must be in one style, so your banner will be looking natural. You can use tools like VSCO to edit your images with different filters.

Best examples

bannersToday it`s easy to find really good Instagram banners, but we`ve picked up two examples to show you.

This banner was picked up from the Instagram of Paulo Dybala – Argentinian football player who is now playing in Italian club Juventus. His banner was made to celebrate the special number – 10 million followers on Instagram. Yeah, that`s massive!

banners1The second one is from the Ukrainian singer Monatik. With this banner, he promotes his future concert “Love It. Rhythm”, that will be in Kyiv on June 1, 2019. Just look at these amazing photos.


Now you know why Instagram banners are so popular and why you should try to post on in your timeline. Just select the right concept, make the photos, edit them and post photos one-by-one to your timeline!


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