30+ Social Media Content Ideas for June that Actually Work

Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
Content Marketing Manager
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

Joyful. Beautiful. Sunny. Bright. Glorious. Fresh. These are just some of the words that come to mind when we think of this month. There are plenty of more compelling keywords and social media post ideas for June that we will be sharing throughout this article.

We’re entering one of the most exciting months of the year for businesses. Why do you ask? First of all, it’s the end of the school year with activities and graduations topping the charts and we can’t forget Father’s Day. These are goldmines for restaurants, retail, entertainment, and service industries.

We have tons of ideas on what to post on Facebook in June. Take advantage of the good moods and positivity your customers are feeling with vibrant and appealing social media posts.

What to expect in this article completely jam-packed with June social media posts:

Get Creative With Jubilant June Social Media Ideas

What more can we say about this month we look most forward to all year long. A lot more! Even though Summer officially begins on June 21st – we all know Memorial Day is the first holiday to usher in the Summer Feels. As soon as June 1st hits, we recommend flooding your news feeds with plenty of luminous posts depicting fun times with family and friends and of course, shopping! Regardless of your industry, adding daily posts will keep your followers engaged and excited for more.

Daily Holidays: Social Media Content Ideas for June

Promoting your products/services on social media is an essential part of your marketing strategy, but we all know that your customers are wise and consumer savvy and too many sales can actually deter them from your shop or online store. Here are some meaningful and outright fun holidays to implement in your social posts for June.

Week 1

National Cancer Survivors Day

June 2 marks this celebratory holiday honoring all the women and men who faced the challenges of this disease and came out victorious in the end. For most, it was a battle and they deserve this day to rejoice. Share the love with your followers. A business that cares is a business that wins customer loyalty.

Leave the Office Early Day

While this is a fun holiday for all the employees, keen to take advantage. This could be an ideal time for all the marketers or coaches to post templates on, ‘how to be more productive’ or tips on ‘how to leave early every day.’ Thinking outside the box is what we do best here at PromoRepublic.

National Repeat Day

This is a great day to post a sales-y sentence that perhaps you can ask your customers to repeat to you today for a discount or a smile! Be as creative as you want to be – after all, this is your business’ Facebook or Instagram pages.

National Cheese Day

Attention all restaurants/cafés/caterers! Today is a good day to come up with a new recipe with cheese in it. Or better yet, give a discount to your loyal customers on everything and anything with cheese on your menus.

National Running Day

Do any of these reasons comply with your business? If so, we suggest using it to your advantage. Can you add another reason to the list that is relevant to your products/services? Well, go on then – get creative! Encouraging physical activity is never a bad thing!

National Yo-Yo Day

Calling all Star War aficionados, this post will warm their hearts! No need to be a fan to love this post either – it’s meant to be light and fun. If you happen to sell toys and yo-yo’s in particular, well we don’t need to advise you on taking advantage of this up and down holiday.

National Chocolate Ice-Cream Day

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream! This is a no-brainer of a post. A June Facebook post without ice cream, well, that doesn’t even make any sense! That’s just crazy talk. Ice cream is synonymous with summer. You don’t sell ice cream? No worries. Do you sell clothes in the colors of this popular treat? Are you a nutritionist? Well then share a healthy version of this recipe. You see where we are going, right?

National VCR Day

Appeal to all your 80s folk and don’t be fooled because there are many on social media. Engage them with questions: ask them what their favorite movies were back then? Ask them to post funny moments from way back when caught on video!

Week 2

National Donut Day

Donut, Doughnut – it doesn’t matter how you spell it, so long as it gets in my tummy. It’s still a beloved treat for young and old. Free donuts can go a long way today for your business! If your followers are more like health nuts – share a donut recipe high in nutritional value. They do exist, we think, probably!

World Bike Naked Day

This is actually a day that’s taken seriously all over the world. If you have a following that is open-minded – you can ask them to post funny posts with them on bikes (of course, nudity is not allowed on all platforms!). If you sell bikes, you can play with this holiday to your advantage!

National Donald Duck Day

Reach out to your Disney fans! Today we celebrate our favorite duck! He’s been around for years and he still brings a smile to many faces. Please, no duck recipes on this day – it may cause an adverse reaction among your followers. Post some quotes or funny memes about him and his silly ways.

National Children’s Day

Today we honor our tiny tots. This day is an awesome day to post a list of activities that your followers can take advantage of to enjoy with their kids. Pinterest is an especially good platform for ideas. If you are a retailer, we urge you to share all your promos with all children related products. If you are in the service industry – same, same!

National Iced Tea Day

We said earlier that ice cream was synonymous with Summer. Well, this drink is high up on the list as well. Nothing better than a refreshing ice tea on a warm day in June. Share your family recipes. Ask your followers to share theirs too. Get the conversation going and maybe they’ll forget how hot the scorching sun really is.

National Making Life Beautiful Day

Filled with positive energy, this is a magnificent holiday to lift your follower’s spirits. How do you think you can make their life beautiful? Is it by offering a special deal, is it a gift, is it free advice or maybe just a smile from your employees? Whatever little thing you do will be a step in the right direction for your business.

National Corn on the Cob Day

Yet another Summertime staple – Corn is one of our summertime fave foods to nibble on. Educate your customers with fun nutritional facts, recipes or health benefits.

Superman Day

Today you can talk about our favorite superhero or you can praise one of the heroes in your business: your employee of the week or best supplier/vendor or maybe your hero is a customer.

Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day

The goal of this day is to raise awareness of health issues that affect men every day. Encourage your men to exercise, eat right and go to the doctor. Showing them you care about their health can go a long way in loyalty to your brand.

Cupcake Lovers Day

Today is a perfect day to indulge in your favorite treat. Ask your followers which ones are their faves – is it red velvet, chocolate, or carrot cake? There are so many varieties now – it will be fun to read what they love! If you are a bakery – this can be a perfect marketing survey for you. Create a free cupcake for them as a sales incentive. Are you an online shop? Give them a cupcake emoji that equates to a 10% discount, perhaps.

World Blood Donor Day

This is a call to action to raise awareness of the need for blood donors in the world. Every day there is an emergency somewhere – sometimes it’s life or death. How nice would it be if these people would have the chance at life because of us? Keeping our clients and followers aware of this is our way of giving many a chance at life.

Flag Day

Did you know that according to etiquette, American flags are to be illuminated by sunlight or another light source while on display? Share some fun facts about their flag on this day. Ask them to upload pics of their flags! It’s a day to rejoice and be proud to be an American!

Father’s Day

Today your follower’s are celebrating their Dads, so let’s make sure that all your promotions are in place and your Happy Father’s Day images on Facebook are on par. We recommend posting quotes or fun facts about fathers on this day. Keep it light-hearted, since you’ve spent the past month promoting your products/services for this special day, right?

Week 3

Autism Pride Day

With more and more kids being diagnosed daily with autism, it’s in our best interest to break down the stigma of this ‘disorder.’ As a business, if you celebrate parents’ autistic children – we guarantee eternal loyalty to your company.

International Picnic Day

Restaurants, cafés, bakeries, grocers, home stores – this day is for you! Encourage your followers to have a picnic with their friends and family. Persuade them to use your products or services – highlight the foods that make sense for an outdoor gathering. Give them ideas with cool recipes or fun activities.

World Refugee Day

With so many global citizens being forced to leave their homelands because of war and strife. We need to come together as a social media community and show our support with our words of encouragement. If there are local organizations standing up for refugee rights, then, by all means, raise money for them through your business. They are citizens of the world too.

World Productivity Day

Businesses all around the world celebrate this day. If you are a marketer, business coach or consultant, this is the day to share productivity tips to your followers. Teaching them how to save time in the day is always helpful especially with our busy lives. Go on and educate them with your smarts!

Stupid Guy Thing Day

Poking fun at your male followers is pure FUN, but if you feel like you will offend them, we suggest you hold off on this template. If you have a mostly female customer base, we are certain they will love this post! Depending on your target groups – memes and funny images like this can be beneficial.

National Kissing Day

Spread the love today with kisses and discounts! Lol! Seriously, we all kiss our partners or friends (well maybe just a peck for them!), these fun facts will keep them smiling and maybe doing too.

Week 4

Let It Go Day

Encourage your followers to “let it all go” today! If it’s work stress that they need to let go, so be it. If it’s worry, so be it. If it’s pressures of everyday life, so be it. Give them ideas on how this can be done – perhaps they need to buy your product to relieve these negative feelings. Maybe they need to book an appointment for their hair or nails.

National Pink Day

Today is not only anti-bullying day but it is also a day to celebrate all that is PINK. Yes. We are serious. Our advice to you is to promote the purchase of pink today whilst raising a percentage for this cause – a 2 in 1 if you wish. Showcase all the pink in your shops and bakeries, etc… And make a difference!

Celebration of the Senses Day

Taste, smell, sight, touch, and scent. Does your business have a product/service related to any of these senses? We’ll assume your answer was yes. So go on and create a social media post on this. For example; you’re a florist, so sight and smell are your senses! Encourage your clients to describe their favorite flowers and words to express the fragrances.

Color TV Day

Fun Fact: the color revolution hit televisions in the mid-1960s. Although it was first invented in 1954. It took a few years for people to accept this new invention into their homes. This is a good engaging post for all your Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. Ask them questions about their fave tv shows of the past. Have fun!

Please Take My Children to Work Day

This holiday was first created for all you stay-at-home moms who needed a break from their kids! Nowadays it’s been extended to even working moms and dads who need some time away from their unruly kids. For all the spas and beauty shops, this day is a good day to offer promotions to these hard workers!

Forgiveness Day

Another fun holiday poking fun at all the wrong-doers! Do you have enough courage as a business owner to post all the errors that your customers make related to your business? It could be a wake-up call for some! But mostly it’s a reason to have a little fun.

National PTSD Awareness Day

There are many reasons that you may suffer from PTSD – whether it’s war-related, or from personal trauma. More followers suffer from this disease than we are aware of… Let them know that you’re fully supportive in raising awareness for the treatment of this agonizing disease.

National Sunglasses Day

If you sell sunglasses, then this day is your day! If you don’t, today is also a good day to share tips on how to protect your body from the sun. We are one week into Summer and your customers probably need reminding. Do a good deed and spread the summertime love.

International Body Piercing Day

With more and more people getting body piercings and tattoos, it’s no longer taboo. Welcome to 2019 folks! Ask your followers to upload some of their piercings to inspire others.

National Camera Day

You don’t need to only appeal to all the photographers out there because everyone is a photographer these days with Instagram and SnapChat. Get your customers to upload pics wearing or holding your product. Give a gift or discount for the winner!

Hug Holiday

National Hug Holiday Day was created to remind people to give an extra special hug to someone who is having a bad day, is sick, lonely, sad or elderly. We’re expanding it to everyone in your life because a hug is always nice to receive. Free hug day!

Now that you have an abundance of social media ideas for June, we hope you can finalize your social media content calendar. Remember to pick and choose the holidays that are relevant to your business. It creates a cohesiveness with your marketing strategy that your clients will appreciate in the long run.

Whether you’re posting on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn – all these June content ideas for social media will make an impact. We guarantee it! It’s June after all, the month of sunshine and happy days! Take advantage of the joyful clients who are in the mood to buy, buy, buy!

Happy June everyone! Check out PromoRepublic for more content to fill up your social media calendars! We’ve got ideas for every industry and for every daily holiday.


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