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Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Every businessperson that works with the social media dreams about perfect advertising campaign to grow up his/her business to the top. People try different methods, read and watch guides, make advertising tests, but only a small part of all competitors gets real success.

If we are talking about Facebook advertisements, we should admit that every company, brand or a private person worked for years to create advertisements that we can see today. And here we created a top of the best Facebook advertising examples that will really impress you. We hope that you`ll find something interesting in these examples and use this information to improve your own campaign. So, let`s start.

Burger King

Facebook advertisingA famous brand of fast food, which is now available in more that 50 countries in the world. Their Facebook account now has 8,1 million subscribers and 8,2 million Page likes. Very impressive. However, what is their secret of success?

The first point is qualitative content. They make good pictures for their posts to make all food look really delicious. When client enters the page, the first thing he sees is a photo of big whooper. Of course, he wants to order a delivery.

Second point is a mixed content. You probably understand that a huge company can`t only post photos with the links. The Burger King`s page has a lot of short videos with recipes of their food and advertising posts made in collaboration with other companies. For example, right now they are promoting new Activision game Call of Duty Black Ops 4. People enjoy eating something delicious while playing computer games, so they will pay attention to such posts.


AmazonA famous online service where people can buy the most needed products with comfortable prices. They have 28,3 million subscribers on their Facebook page, so it`s obvious that we`ve decided to choose the as one of the best Facebook advertising examples.

They didn`t create any specific methods of promotion. They`ve just upgraded things people used to have. For example, they create short videos where give people instructions about using their online store or how to purchase something from their smartphone. They also engage with celebrities to create an extra advertising campaign for holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Christmas etc.). they know that people will pay attention their favorite singer and click on the link to visit the page.


We couldn`t create our top without any game developing company. In this case, our guest is famous company Ubisoft that created great game series like:

  • Assassin`s creed
  • Splinter cell
  • Far Cry

We know everything about these games (the names of the main characters, main details of each part). However, developers can`t just show gamers some screenshots from the upcoming game and be sure that it will attract every developing company

We`ve chose Ubisoft as one of ours Facebook advertisement examples because they can make the right mix of entertaining and informational content in their advertisements. They could propose you an article from a game journal about their future project or show you a fresh gameplay video with a link to make a pre-order (if possible). Gaming industry is a huge field for creating awesome promoting campaigns not only in social media, but in every sphere where it could be possible.

Sky Sports

This specific example of Facebook advertising is not a business account or something like that. However, TV also needs traffic to gain income, so developers should have a good advertising campaign not to lose subscribers and potential viewers.

If you visit the official account of this channel on Facebook, you will be able to see short news with photos, short news written just on the images, short videos with descriptions and links to the channel’s website. Every peace of content is connected with the main website, so you are able to visit it every time you want to. And, of course, we should mention that Sky Sports is a huge channel that has millions of subscribers around the world, so it often cooperates with brands from other spheres to increase his audience. As you see, it works very well – 11 million subscribers right now, and this number is growing up every day.


When someone asks you to name a popular brand of sport clothes, footwear and accessories, you will probably say Nike (Adidas fans, don`t worry, your brand is also very cool). However, what can give such company good opportunity to create good Facebook advertising campaign and became an example for the beginners? One word – specialization. If you are creating things for sportsmen, you can cooperate with them to promote your products for other sportsmen. Simpler than ever! Just remember the names that are working with Nike. Cristiano Ronaldo, Rodger Federer, Rafael Nadal. We all know who they are and why they became popular. So if they are using products of these specific brand, why can`t we do the same?

At the official Facebook page of Nike, you are able to see different examples of advertisements that shows real quality of this company. People trust them, because they are the best is business.


We can continue this list for a long time and our article will become endless, because today people learned and created so many methods of advertising on Facebook. And the main focus is that every method works very well, so we can see huge audiences, huge incomes as a result of great work. Also, we know that Facebook often helps developers in advertising their posts between other users.

We didn`t say anything about rivalry because it`s obvious that everyone will fight for every customer on such level.

We hope that you get some interesting information from our article and will use it while creating your own Facebook advertising campaign. Good luck.


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