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Richard Pritchard Reading time: 2 minutes

Main questions your social media bio should help answer

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Many people who are creating their social media profiles sometimes don`t even realize that they make one big mistake at the beginning – they don`t pay attention to their bio.

In most cases nobody is interested in formalization their bio because they think that people will see all important information from the content on the page. However, it`s not true. Bio is the first thing that appears to people`s eyes when they open a social media profile. So, to make them continue scrolling down your page, you should do everything to form your bio right. There are basic questions that your social media bio should answer to. If you make everything right, the result will be immediate – people will pay much more attention to your social media account.

who are youQuestion 1: who are you?

Yes, we need to start from the simplest thing that couldn`t be ignored in any case. Even if your profile is dedicated to your company or your business website or your blog, you should give people a full information about yourself. With it, users will have a better understanding of what you are doing or what can they get from you (goods, services, feedback).

Question 2: where do you work?

This question continues the line of the first one. For example, if you are a software developer, you should mention the name of the company you are working at. If you are a freelancer, this information should be also included to your social media bio. You should mention how long do you work or used to work in the current company. This is a very important detail because people realize what experience you have and what can they expect from you (professional skills, knowledge).

Question 3: what do you do?what do you do

You have probably heard this question millions of times or even more. However, it gives your subscribers an understanding of your working sphere, kind of services you give and exactly can you make for them. It becomes crucial if we are talking about specific positions like software developer, photo/video editor or someone who are working in one highly specialized sphere.

Question 4: how can we get in touch with you?

Of course, if you are an experienced person, you won`t chat with everyone who writes a message to you. However, if other serious persons want to contact you, you should give them such opportunity. In your social media bio, mention a resource (Gmail or something like that) where people can send messages.

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