Non-standard ways of using Instagram stories polls. Become a creative user!

Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

When Instagram stories were released to the users, everyone thought that it will be boring to post photos and videos every time. It was just the beginning. After a short period of time, developers started to add new features for stories: GIFs, captions, special phrases, hashtags and other things. The last feature that was released to the public is Instagram poll. The idea is pretty simple – you add a poll template to your story and write two variants of answer to the question. When other users see your poll, they tap on the variant they think is right for them. After making their choice, they are able to see how many people choose first or second variant from the poll (in percent).

We know that a bigger part of all Instagram community knows how to work with Instagram stories polls. However, we want to show you some non-standard variants of using these polls.

  1. Let your subscribers choose

Popular bloggers who have giant audiences on their Instagram profiles often use stories to see how people react on their content and the way they run their profile. And one of the most popular types of communication is when blogger add an Instagram poll to make a choice about something.

For example, if he has two images prepared for posting, he wants to decide which photo should be posted first. He adds a poll puts both photos to the background. People make their choice and then blogger publishes the photo that had more votes.

When people are shopping, they often create Instagram polls with the clothes they want to buy. You see both photos and choose the best one. However, these users could easily ignore the poll and buy something that they enjoyed the most.

  1. Drive Traffic to your website with Instagram stories pollsInstagram stories

When brands or companies need to drive more traffic to their web pages, they usually run quizzes using Instagram stories polls. They choose popular topic from their website and add a poll with questions from this topic. The main idea is that users don`t see the correct answers on Instagram. They need to swipe up the last story to open the page and look on their result.

A perfect example of using polls for website`s traffic is FC Barcelona. When club has an important game ahead, they always run a quiz with the questions like “Who scored the most goals against [name of the club] in away games?” or “Which player has played for both clubs during his career?”. Then, people visit club`s official site to find out how may correct answers they have (usually quiz doesn`t have more than 10 questions).

  1. Learn more about your audience

If you want to interest your subscribers, you need to know more about them. It will help you to understand which type of content is better for them and which one you shouldn`t use at all.

First of all, we recommend you to ask them about the style (bright or dark). When people have their profile made in one style, they have more chances to interest their audience.

Second of all, ask about content. If people don`t want to watch videos from your profile, you should concentrate on images and carousel posts. If people hate long captions, try to make them as small as possible. Save your time and people`s nerves.

Finally, if you are only beginning your journey on Instagram, ask your followers what exactly they want to see in your profile. Journeys, recipes, lifestyle tips, posts about you or something else. When you will know the correct answer, it will be easier to prepare the content and set up posting schedule. Don`t ignore this part.

  1. Work with emoji slider polls to entertain your followersInstagram stories polls

If you feel that usual Instagram stories polls are boring for you and your audience, it`s time to go to the next level – emoji slider polls. The principle is the same – you choose the numbers and add an emoji that will mark the answers. People just hold this emoji and pull it to the number that they think is correct.

Such polls are more interesting than simple questions with only two variants for answer. With slider polls, people can also see what variant is the most popular among other users.

  1. Educate your audience on your brand

Instagram polls could help you to give people an important information about your brand. If you use some specific terms from your industry, you should let people know what they mean and how they can use them.

Run a poll and ask people about the correct meaning of each term. If they give an incorrect answer to your question, let them know about the correct one.


Of course, those examples that we showed here are not ideal. If you know other ways of using Instagram stories polls, you can use them in your profile. Who knows, maybe they work better for you.



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