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Opportunities of second twitter account for your business

We have already talked a lot about the benefits of social networks in promoting your business. Today we decided to tell you about another secret – the second twitter account. Of course, the article will be for people who already have one account and some knowledge of the work of Twitter. If you create second twitter account you will allow you to expand your marketing strategy, allowing you to capture most of your audience.

The second twitter account will allow you to conduct marketing research of buyers. Perhaps you did not want to risk introducing some types of customers as a part of key audience when you created your main account. You can also try a different marketing policy in order to see how people react to it. Because, you can copy some marketing moves to your main twitter account.

Perhaps you do not want to start aggressive actions to customers of competitors. Competitors may not like such actions and you may worsen your relationship with them. But you can do it from the secondary twitter account, and then draw these people in to your main account.

Making a second twitter account will permit to you to make some affords that were not allowed on the main one. It can also be an experiment with your main audience if you want to test a fairly controversial material. In case of failure, the entire main strike will take over the second account and will not affect the reputation of the main one.

You can also analyze your pricing policy, and how price changes will affect sales. From the second twitter account you can offer the same services, but with a different price, either lower or higher. Then you can find out what is the best price for your services and put up such a price on your main account.

Also, if you intend to conduct new marketing activities, we can pre-test them on a secondary twitter account. You can find out what result they bring without threatening the first account. Also, a “test” requires much less money than a full-scale marketing company.

In addition, you can implement several ideas for rebranding the company. If you have conceived a new logo or background for your company, you can first try out the changes on the second twitter account. Then, you can see how customers perceive a new type of company. If you have benefited from the changes and you finally decide to change the look of your company, then the second account will help your customers get used to the new design. You should not provide the changes immediately on the main account, it is better to let a couple of months a new design will be only on the second account, and only then transfer it to the main profile.

Many people have questions “how to create a second twitter account and regulate the activity of a second account?” After all, for some people it is difficult to manage one account, and here they will have two. You can of course manage your accounts by entering one and then the second, but the easiest way is to install software for managing multiple accounts. There are a lot of them on the Internet, so finding such a program is not difficult. Then simply manage accounts through the application.

Summing up, we can safely say that having a secondary twitter account is very profitable. You can carry out various actions while remaining incognito, so your actions will not affect your main account. If the results are positive, then you will be able to carry out similar actions in the first profile, and if they are negative, then you will refuse to set up such harmful actions in right time.

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