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Facebook audit
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 2 minutes

How to perform a quick Facebook page audit?

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When was the last time you`ve checked your Facebook page? Are you sure it`s ok?

Developers who spend hours working with their Facebook profiles should know that Facebook audit is a very important process and should be done regular. However, beginners don`t know about such procedure, so we`ve prepared a short guide about Facebook audit.

Why do we need Facebook audit?

Well, it`s a good question. Facebook audit helps users to analyze their profiles (personal pages or business accounts) to understand if something is wrong or there is some information that should be added to the profile.

There are some basic points, which should be completed for making a successful Facebook audit.

Make sure that your Facebook profile is completed

Firstly, we should know that our page has all important information about our business or our company and new visitor will see everything that should be mentioned. We are talking about contact information, page`s story, milestones and other details below:

  • Page`s URL. It should be claimed and customized.
  • All appropriative call-to action buttons (it depends on your business goals). It could “sign up” or “learn more” button.
  • Appropriate all links to your business website and other social media profiles.

Also, we should check the profile`s images, background photo and company`s logo. All these images should stand on the right places. It`s very important, so don`t miss it.

Take your time to “Look the part”

this is the second point in our Facebook audit process. In simple words, now we are analyzing an aesthetic part of our Facebook profile. How to make your profile looking beautiful and attractive? Here are some simple advices for beginners:

  • A profile picture and a cover photo have an appropriative size
  • A verification checkmark. This point means that your business is not fake.
  • Brand`s imagery that gives of a professional vibe. It` also a key point.

Figure out where your Facebook page stands right now

This point will help you to build your content strategy from the beginning. The number of likes couldn`t give you the real understanding of the situation. However, to have a better view on your Facebook profile, you should use Facebook insights.

With them, you will know what are the real connections between you and your followers. The tools give us a full profile overview with number of visits, likes, shares and comments. You can even find out which part of your audience is more active (men or women, elderly people or younger users).

Pay attention to your profile`s content

The final part of Facebook audit is dedicated to the main part – your content. You should look through all posts and find all weak points (bad posting schedule, too much information, bad structure of the texts etc.). when you will correct all mistakes, you profile will be ready to get more and more subscribers.

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