How to perform a right Twitter follower analysis

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If you are professional developers who are using Twitter to increase the audience, you should have a clear understanding of who are you working with. Twitter is a giant social media where everyone could go the wrong way. And that is the reason we are writing this article for you. You should know who are your real followers. So, today we will tell you about analyzing your Twitter audience.

analyze Twitter followers-minUse the right tools

Going through all of your followers and doing a manual review is a very tough and time-wasting. Instead, use a tool helps you to analyze Twitter followers. The more data you can pull, the better. Twitter’s native analytics give you full pack of information, including the demographics of your followers, their age and location, which is a perfect place where to start.

In order to find out more information beyond demographics, it’s helpful to use a third-party tool.

For instance, Sprout`s Twitter analytics will give you an opportunity to see important data about your followers like engagement popular hashtags, conversation history and many other interesting stuffs. And Buzzsumo is great for performing an analysis of potential followers.

Between Twitter, Sprout and Buzzsumo, you have everything you need to begin your work and start analyzing your followers. Now that you have your toolkit ready to go, here’s how to analyze Twitter followers effectively.

followersHow many fake Twitter followers do you have?

A long time ago, Twitter revealed that over 20 million of users were bots. With that amount of automated accounts, it’s likely that you have at least a small percentage of bots among your followers. Although these accounts beef up your follower count, they can`t make the difference for you.

While some brands intentionally use deceptive tactics like buying fake followers, you could be tweeting to an audience of bots without even knowing it. And it`s very bad. These “audience” follow random accounts to appear like real users. So, if your account ends up on their list you could be one of the people they follow. The first step in analyzing your Twitter followers is to spot all fakes to realize what to do next.

Aside from not wanting to look sketchy a deceptive, one of the main reasons you want to find your number of fake followers is because they can make a full analysis of your data. As an example, we can say that if your Twitter analytics show your audience is 70% male but 30% of your followers are fake, that number might not be entirely accurate.

Here’s a handy tool that you can use to get an idea of how many fake followers you have. It`s called Twitter audit report. It`s task is to analyze your audience and count the number of fake accounts. Sometimes the number this program shows isn`t totally true, but it can give you the understanding of the situation and the point for the beginning.

followers tweetingWhat are your followers tweeting about?

Now, when you realize how many real users you have, it`s time to find out what they are tweeting about. With this point, you will understand what topics you should choose for your tweets. There are two ways of making such analysis. With the first one, you can just go through every user`s timeline and look what he is interested in. with the second variant, you can use Twitter analytics to look through the topics your followers are interested in.

Match your follower’s activity

If you want your tweets to be liked or retweeted, you should know where exactly to post them. If your posts will appear at the time when all users are offline, they (tweets) will fall to the bottom of the news feed. You should avoid such situation.


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