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live tweeting

How to perform a successful live tweeting. Basic steps.

Twitter is probably the “quickest” social media of all time. Here, people could easily get needed information by searching for the right topic right when it becomes actual. Active users are checking what`s going on in the world and immediately tell everyone about this in Twitter. It`s called live tweeting.

Live tweeting is a great opportunity for every person to increase traffic, draw user`s attention and to become an active Twitter user. However, if you want to achieve success in live tweeting, you should complete some basic steps, and in this article, we will show you these steps.

  1. Prepare as good as possible

Twitter is the social media where every event could quickly lose it`s relevance, and your task is to keep it relevant as long as possible. To make sure that you will be able to take part in live tweeting process (you won`t be the only user to do this), you should complete a preparation process:

  • Find images for your tweets. People won`t react on simple tweets with a few sentences and hashtags. You need to draw their attention, and images will be a good variant for such task.
  • Check the previous live tweeting activity. Your tweets must be interesting in order to draw people`s attention. However, if it`s your first live tweeting experience, you shouldn`t worry – just search for live tweeting activity that happened earlier. Look on how people form their tweets, how many symbols they use and what is the time between each tweet.
  1. Use the right hashtagsUse the right hashtags

If we are talking about twitter, the fist thing that comes to mind is a hashtag. With such marks, users are able to identify tweets in the global feed and look for the right information. You can also use daily hashtags to make your live tweeting more effective. However, you should use them in the right form. For example, if person missed an event, he/she can use an appropriate hashtag to find information, and the first tweets that will appear will be…your tweets!

  1. Count every tweet you add

We know that live tweeting is a process of regular posting, but you should understand that a huge number of tweets is not a guarantee of success. Why? If a person is looking for a current information, he/she will look through all tweets that appear in the timeline. And if most of these tweets won`t contain needed information, your live tweeting will be unsuccessful.

Final thoughts

As you see, live tweeting isn`t a very hard process – you just need to know the rules. If you will complete them all, you will be successful with your live tweeting.


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