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Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Today every person who has his/her own account in the social media can have a huge selection of information sources that he/she want to follow. We know that there are millions of users who create their own blogs to give people important information about things like social media marketing, social media online business and other things that are hard to understand instantly.

However, we can`t be sure that each of such users is a professional developer who cares about what he is saying or writing. So, in this article we will tell you about the most successful social media campaigns and blogs that you should follow right now. One important detail: it`s not the rating from worst blog to best. They all are equal to each other, so you are able to choose which one is better for you. So, let`s go.

Danny Brown`s social media blog

His blog is not the typical social media blog where you can find different tips and tricks about any platform you need. Instead of it, Danny drives us deep into the definition of social media marketing business and what does it mean to us. He focuses on the most important details to give us answers on the questions like “how we can tell better stories?”, “how to create a better business?”, “how to keep your project on the top of the rating?” etc.

Also, Danny is a founder of “12for12k” charity initiative and named one of Canada`s Top 50 marketing blogs.


The main goal of this social media blog is “building buzz in a connected world”, and blog`s author Pam Dyer is following it for the whole time. As good social media strategist, she has helped thousands of developers and companies to create, manage and measure outreach efforts through social networks. She used her own experience while working with her blog, where she “helps businesses optimize their brands”, create customer engagement and drive sales with the help of social media channels and content marketing programs.

Rebekah Radiance

Rebekah Radiance`s award-wining social media blog aims to shift three important areas of social marketing: perception, profitability and execution. Her special expertise lends itself to advice about branding, social media, content marketing and overall strategy, which she writes in easy-to-digest posts.

Convince and conventConvince and convent

Found in 2008 by Jay Baer, one of the most popular social media experts, this company is providing experts advisors for companies in areas of digital marketing. This group of experts share their insight and knowledge on their social media blog. Their daily posts convert everything what you need to know about social media marketing and content marketing. The authors take pertinent news and actual trends in the realm of marketing, and translate this into easy-to-read and understand posts that could give a piece of advice for young developers or creators who want to understand every detail of content marketing.

Seth GodinSeth Godin

An author of best-selling books about improve social media marketing, entrepreneur and developers, Seth Godin is a well-known person in this sphere. His blog with a simple name “Seth`s blog” was given the coveted number one spot on AdAge`s Power 150 in 2009, and since that moment he has continued to offer top-notch marketing advice through the site.

Godin doesn`t use some specific phrases or jargon in his posts. On his blog you can find short and simple advices, which allows you to solve your problems or find solutions in difficult situations.

So, here it is – our list of the most popular social media blogs that are popular between users right now. All people who have created these blogs are best in this sphere, so their advices will definitely help you to upgrade your content marketing or increase leads. We hope that you enjoy our article and started following one of these blogs right now.



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