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The most popular social media experts that should be followed on Twitter

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What do we know about social media experts? Well, they are educated specialists who know everything about their kind of activity – how to improve social media marketing, content marketing and other specific topics dedicated to social media.

However, if you are a beginner in this sphere, you should understand that social media experts could give you the information you always needed. But you can`t just go and ask them about all important things. The only way to get something form them is to start following them in social media. Why? Well, partly because they are always working on some new content strategies or projects for companies, so they tell people about it.

For our article, we pick up one social media – Twitter. We will give you the list of the most popular social media experts that could be followed in this social media. Keep in mind that this is not a rating from the first place to the last. All these people are professionals, so you can choose anyone mentioned here.

Darren RowseDarren Rowse

This social media expert is also known as speaker, blogger, podcaster and founder of ProBlogger (a special site where professional bloggers and developers could get invaluable skills). While he is focusing on blogging, Darren highlights the deep connection between content marketing and social media through post sharing his own content, or something what he founds interesting.

Kim Garst

Kim calls herself as the “First Lady of Periscope”, so if you have any problems while working with this application or just want to know more about it, you know who to follow. Moreover, Kim is not only Periscope specialist – she is also an incredibly accomplished social selling strategist and a best-selling author. You definitely should start following her Twitter account, because she always posts something that may help.

Lilach Bullock

This person is known as co-founder of Communications Axis (digital marketing, social media and content agency). Every day she shares her knowledge with more than 86 000 followers, so her audience is really massive. With her Twitter account, she shares some insights, or bookmark-worthy links to the content that she or her agency has written. Her main topics are social media marketing and content marketing.

digital market expertsJeff Bullas

Jeff in a person that could easily find himself on Forbes`s Top Social Media Influences list. In his Twitter account we are able to see links to his blog posts, which are focused on the social media, content and digital marketing. Everything is made in smart format.

Mary Smith

Mary is a social media expert who spends most of her time working with Facebook. However, you can also follow her on Twitter. On her page you are able to find post updates, inspirational but relevant quotes, links to her own social media posts and professional event updates. We should also mention the number of her subscribers – 403 000 Twitter fans. That`s massive! With her Twitter posts, you always will be able to keep an eye on social media news, updates, features and other important things.

Jason Houck

Jason Houck says that blogging and social media management are his biggest passions. His company, which is called “Weigh Your Mind”, offers social media and education. Also, his accompanying website offers an extremely helpful “Resources” page that`s worth bookmarking, as well as highly informative blog.

Ann Handley

This person is well-known as an author of best-selling book called “Everybody Writes” about social media. In her Twitter account, she shares the same ideas and quotes with her audience. With a concentration on content marketing, Ann gives everyone a deep understanding of how social media feeds into an overall picture.

So, here is our own list of the most popular social media experts that should be followed on Twitter. We are sure that you can get many interesting information from them and improve your own skills.

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