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Social media savvy you are
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In modern society, people are using quizzes in studying process (at school, at the university or college) to help people to learn more about any specific sphere of life. We can also see psychologists using quizzes to help people understand who they are and what sphere of activity will be more pleasant for them in the future.

When we are talking about social media, we know that marketers and developers create different quizzes for their fans to help them to understand more about their sphere of activity. today, we want to show you the best quizzes about social media that got a lot of positive reviews from the users.

social media savvy you areHow social media savvy you are?

That quiz was made by the digital marketing agency Jellyfish in order to test people`s knowledge about the social media platforms, the most popular social media content and the most popular fact about the Internet culture. You have 12 questions to answer.

In fact, this quiz is not very hard. If you are a regular social media user and you visit Twitter, Facebook or Instagram at least once per day, you have all chances to get the positive result with this quiz.

Social media quiz: facts, fails and trends

If you are interested in social media marketing, engagement, brand promotion on different social networks, this quiz is just for you. Digiday offers you 12 questions from these spheres of activity on social media. When you will answer to all questions, the system will calculate the right answers and give you the result. All questions have multiple variants for answers, and you need to choose the right one.

Web IQ quiz

Again, here we have 12 questions in the quiz. This IQ test from Pew Internet research center tests your general knowledge of the history of the Internet and digital technology. When the test is finished, your results are comparing with the result of the average American. You can also have information about other people`s results based on your demographic based by age, gender and highest education level completed.

There are different question formats like True or False, photo questions or multiple choice. All questions are based on the information about trended Internet topics.

fluent in EmojiAre you fluent in Emoji?

A bigger part of all social media users is using emoji in post descriptions, in messages or in comments under other people posts. However, it`s important to know what you are working with, so NY Times prepared a quiz to test your knowledge by composing sentences entirely from emoji, and giving you several choices for translation. The formal difficulty of the quiz is advanced, but if you are a regular social media user and know how people use emoji in sentences, you have an advantage.

You will have 10 multiple choice questions. At the end, you will be able to see the final score, but you won`t be able to which answer is right and which one is wrong.

Test your social media knowledge

An easy test which gives you an opportunity to test your knowledge about all spheres of social media. Here, you will have a variety of questions you never thought of asking, such as Chatroulette`s country of origin. The only minus of this test is that some questions are outdated, and this information in not actual today.

All questions have multiple choice, and the right answer appears immediately when you make your selection.


Have you ever tried any of these quizzes about social media? How good your social media knowledge is? If our article interested you, go and try any of these quizzes.


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