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Portrait and landscape photos on Instagram. Posting features

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On Instagram, we can find millions of photos that were made in different formats. It could be a photo of an interesting place or person`s portrait. People use other formats of the images, but these two are the most popular among Instagram community.

We`ve looked through different Instagram accounts and found one big problem – people don`t know how to post a photo of particular format. When we see that portrait photos are made in landscape format, we are getting upset. That`s not how it must be! So, if you still don`t understand how to post images of different formats, this article is for you.

How to post portrait and landscape photos on Instagram?

If you decided to post a landscape photo on Instagram, you should remember that it must be posted in a full size without a frame. When you have already chosen an image and put it into an edit page, you should click on the “crop” on the left bottom corner. After that, your image will be in it`s natural size, and you only need to share it in your timeline.

Portrait photos have other recommendations for posting. Here, you should change the photo`s size to put Portrait photosperson`s face in the middle of the photo. For that, you shouldn`t click on the “crop” and leave photo with frame.

Slideshow photos in different formats

Slideshow photos became very popular since they were released on Instagram. With this new feature, people are able to add up to 10 images in one post. It`s very comfortable, because you don`t need to make many posts to share similar photos.

However, you should remember that all photos from your slideshow should be in one format. If you decided to add 10 portrait photos, keep in mind that all 10 photos must have frames to focus users` attention on the portrait.

Benefits of slideshow postsBenefits of slideshow posts

As we told earlier, with slideshow photos you don`t need to make multiple posts for one topic. Moreover, you can use this feature for your business. for example, if your brand prepared a new collection, and you want to share it on Instagram, you should do it in a slideshow. People will see all products in one post with all options like size, price, collection`s name and other thing that you will add to the description.

Instagram is getting more and more useful, and you don`t need to ignore these changes!

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