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Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

Today we can see that visual content is getting more and more popular in the social media. You don`t agree? Look at Instagram. This platform was made for posting visual content – images, videos, GIFs. People can make it on regular posts or with Instagram stories – posts that disappear after 24 hours.

Of course, we don`t need to forget about texts – this is also an important part of content for marketers, bloggers and other users. Visual content helps us to complete our text post or create a separate post. However, if you will take your camera, record one fragment and publish it into a social media, you won`t get normal engagement. You need to be prepared for this process, and today we will tell you how to make good videos.

  1. Focus on topic of the video

When user wants to post video content to his timeline in the social media, he often understands what this will be about. You should clearly understand what topic you choose, because it will depend on the concept of the video. If it`s hard for you to imagine your future video, write a plan with all frames, sounds and extra effects. It feels much better when you are prepared for the future project and you know exactly how it looks.

  1. Always get camera with you

Our life is made of may small unexpected situations that could happen at any moment. If something unusual is happening in your location, why not to record it? Even if you don`t want to post it on that day, it could help you in the future. For example, when you will need a piece of content for future posting, you can use these fragments and post them with a #flashback hashtag.

  1. Find a perfect locationQuick social media video

When you have already chosen the topic of your video and you ready to start recording, it`s time to find the perfect location. It`s probably the most important part of video making process, because good location help viewers to feel themselves more comfortable. They can focus on details and follow the narrator`s voice (if you have it in your video).

Again, if you want to find a good location to make a good video, you should clearly understand your topic. If it`s an unboxing video (such content is very popular in social media today), you should find the place for this unboxing. It could be a table, a floor at your house or something else. Just make sure that viewer will see your unboxing process from every angle.

  1. Lightning is the key

When you are preparing for the video recording, you must remember about the lightning. People forget about it, and when it comes to uploading video to the social media, they couldn`t understand why it`s so dark.

It doesn’t matter what`s the topic of your video – make sure that you have enough light sources for recording. If you are working outside and the natural lightning is good enough, you don`t need any other equipment. However, if we are talking about studios or your own home, you should get some lamps. Just put them to the right places, and there is a hundred percent possibility that you will have a perfect video.

  1. Use video editing tools

Quick social mediaIf you want to create good content for your social media profile, you should make this content qualitative and acceptable for other users. we recommend you to use video editing tools to make your video better. You can trim out unnecessary elements, correct some effects and remove the parts that you don`t need. We recommend you to use Sony Vegas Pro and AVS Video Editor. It will be easy for you to understand how they work and what you need to do to make your video better.

  1. Add subtitles if neededAdd subtitles if needed

If users watch social media video content with their smartphones while going to work or returning back home or somewhere where they can`t turn on the sound, it will be good to add subtitles to your video. People often ignore this factor and make video with background music, so if you want to watch this video, you need to use headphones or watch it later. We want to watch only new content in the social media, so we won`t return to the previous posts.

  1. Don`t make it too long

The main benefit of the social media content is that people can quickly look through all posts in their news feed and close the application. In most cases, video content helps us to find new recipes, watch guides or funny situations that happen in the world. Such videos are no longer than 1 minute long, but with them we are able to understand all information. Creators know what frames they need to tell the story or give needed information to the viewer.


You may think that it`s so hard to follow all these points to make a good video. Well, if you will focus on your main target and have a list with a plan, you can be sure that your video will get the giant engagement.



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